Experts of World Health Organization suspect of corruption communications with producers of vaccines

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As, journalists of the Danish newspaper Information studied communications of WHO experts with the leading world pharmaceutical companies enriched on sale of preparations against this illness. It became clear, for example, that many scientists sitting at the WHO various committees, carefully suppress that fact that they receive money from firms - giants of world pharmacology, the Novye Izvestiya newspaper writes.

The edition notes that against a global economic crisis thanks to the panic which has captured the world in connection with a pandemic of the "Californian" flu, pharmaceutical plants work in four changes, capacities don't suffice.

Meanwhile at present on official statistics, 6 thousand people while average annual mortality during epidemics of "traditional" kinds of flu reaches half a million became victims of flu A/H1N1.

The reason of hypertrophied reaction of the world on not so dangerous flu A/H1N1 as the experts interrogated by the Danish newspaper consider, consists in successful public relations - the campaign which has been carried out by WHO experts. Some of them literally are in the service of producers of a vaccine.

According to the newspaper, WHO declared a flu A/H1N1 pandemic under pressure of group of advisers of this organization led by the Dutch doctor Albert OSTENKHAUS. Now the government of the Netherlands makes emergency investigation of its activity as it became known that it gets paid in several companies making a vaccine against the "Californian" flu.

Many other advisers of WHO who have demanded the announcement of flu A/H1N1 by a pandemic, also are paid advisers of pharmaceutical giants of Roche, RW Johnson, SmithKline and Beecham Glaxo Wellcome which have received the lion's share of orders for production of vaccines. WHO resolution of July 7 of this year, given start of unprecedented campaign of mass vaccination became a result of pressure of these experts, the newspaper notes.

Meanwhile the speaker of WHO Gregory HERTL, making comments on article in Information, I noted that it is impossible to refuse services of leading world experts only on the ground that they are financially interested in advance of this or that strategy of fight against various diseases.


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