The antimonopoly committee brought criminal cases against two Nikolaev drugstores, that those overstated the prices

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If noticeable excess of the prices of the liquefied gas in the Nikolaev area wasn't, the rise in prices for drugs was felt by all to whom "has the luck" to have flu or cold this year.

- We did such researches and reacted very quickly, - told on today's a press - conferences the chairman of the Nikolaev regional territorial office of Antimonopoly committee of Ukraine Yury Drobilko. - Deficiency which was formed owing to an agiotage was revealed, and that some subjects of managing, using a situation in the market, sharply raised the prices.

By results of the carried-out inspections, the office initiated two proceedings - against JSC SINES Trading House (overestimate of the prices was recorded in ten institutions) and Prudnikov's state of emergency. AMKU imputes them responsibility violation p.1 Art. 13 of the Law of Ukraine "About protection of the economic competition" and item 2 of Art. 50 of the same law - the use by monopoly (dominating) position in the market of retail trade in medicines of antiinfluenzal group that led to infringement of interests of consumers.

The business owner Prudnikova, according to Yu. Drobilko, at first was revolted (we will add that one of her relatives heads Association of private druggists). But the staff of territorial office of AMKU showed it the picture made in its drugstore. In a picture the cost of preparations is accurately visible (considerably overestimated), demand on which at that moment read off scale. For example, "Anaferon" in this drugstore was on sale on 60 hryvnias, "Aflubin" - 50 and 80 hryvnias (depending on the bottle size), "Immunoflazil" - 60 hryvnias, etc.

The prices were overstated from 3 to 50%.

- For the buyer it is very notable, - Yury Drobilko told. - Essential the raising of the prices at us is considered 5%. And here - too big growth.

The businessman recognized violation, but thus specified that the prices were raised in her absence.

- We began hearing of cases and we will make responsible, - main Nikolaev "anti-monopolist" reported.

Responsibility in this case is understood as imposing of penalties (to 10% of a gross revenue of the enterprise for last year).They can be imposed, Yu. Drobilko speaks, but can there be a speech about reduction of their sizes. "Indulgences" are possible only in case the subject of managing recognized violation, applied measures for elimination of violation and its reasons.

TO AMKU administrative board meeting during which decisions on the specified affairs will be made is planned for November 30.


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