Problem banks relieve liabilities

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The national bank considers possibility of the translation of part of assets and liabilities of problem banks in other financial establishments. "The creation option on the basis of Ipobank of sanatsionny bank or transfer of its liquid assets and for the corresponding sum of liabilities of other bank is considered. 100%-but we study the same possibility of the translation in three banks which go for elimination", - the head of department of crisis management of NBU Yury Petrov reported to "BUSINESS". He refused to call these banks. At the same time, according to "BUSINESS", the proposal on elimination in NBU was submitted by interim administrators of Armagh bank, BRR and Transbank.

At present the similar scheme of the translation of part of assets and liabilities realize Ukrprombank and "Rodovid". To apply the same mechanism to other NBU problem banks I pushed demand from accepting banks. "We have at least three banks which are interested in acquisition of assets and for the same sum of liabilities", - Yury Petrov speaks.

Among wishing to accept part of assets and liabilities of problem financial institutions - Ipobank and Platinum Bank who declared earlier the interest some assets and liabilities of Nadra bank. "Except "Nadr", we consider also other banks. With them we at an estimated stage", - reported in a press - service Platinum Banka.

The scheme of the translation means that together with liquid assets the accepting bank takes away part of liabilities, where the first in turn - deposits of natural persons. If it is more than qualitative assets, than population deposits, to accepting bank can transfer and part of obligations of legal persons.

However, such option is improbable more likely on the contrary, liquid assets hardly will suffice to cover obligations to the population. "At bank of liquid assets on 300-350 million UAH. They include the five offices and a credit portfolio", - the BRR temporary administrator Andrey Yatsura tells. Population deposits together with the added percent in BRR make more than 400 million UAH

In "Arm" and Transbank of business are more painfully. For the beginning of November Armagh bank assets minus the created reserves made 162,7 million UAH, and deposits of natural persons - 238,8 million UAH. The interim administrator of Armagh bank Alexander Dovgopolyuk refused comments. In Transbank of assets on 301,4 million UAH."2/3 assets of bank - liquid, are about 200 million UAH", - the interim administrator of Transbank Alexander Andriychuk speaks. Thus population deposits in bank 485,5 million UAH


Besides, you shouldn't forget that assets of problem financial establishments will pass to balances of accepting banks after revaluation that can significantly reduce their volume. For example, Platinum Bank when estimated Ukrprombank assets, discounted them for 30%.

So to legal persons to expect the translation of the deposit or means from problem bank in healthy isn't necessary. Moreover, in most cases assets won't suffice for a covering of all obligations of problem banks before the population. Then, according to experts, NBU will give preference to transfer to other bank of deposits which become covered by Fund of guaranteeing deposits. If assets don't suffice even on a covering of these liabilities - deposits will be translated "more small". "To help the least protected segments of the population, NBU can make the decision on the translation of small deposits, the others will be you - плачиваться through Fund of guaranteeing deposits", - the analyst of Phoenix Capital investment company Andrey Nesteruk considers.

The scheme will put on "conveyor"

If the scheme on the translation of part of liabilities and liquid assets of several problem banks of justifies, next year such mechanism can already put on "conveyor". In the draft of the state budget for 2010 on additional financing of banks it is put by 50 billion UAH. "We can allocate these funds not only for recapitalization of banks, but also for crediting of Fund of guaranteeing deposits, and also for new instruments of financing of banks, including banking institutions to which assets and liabilities of problem banks" will be transferred, - the director of the department of the Ministry of Finance concerning participation of the state in capitalization of banks Teymur Bagirov speaks. Thus, accepting banks will be able to count on the financial help from the state for a covering of ruptures of liquidity.

Favourably to all

According to experts, the variant of translation of part of assets and liabilities of problem bank in other financial establishment is more favorable to NBU and Cabinet of Ministers, than a complete elimination. "The translation will allow to pay off quicker according to obligations. Also additional pressure from Fund of guaranteeing deposits, and accepting bank is removed, without spoiling the economic standards, receives on balances and obligations, and assets", - Andrey Yatsura explains.

Benefit for accepting bank that it receives new clients: on the one hand, it is borrowers who, though with failures, but serve the credits, with another - investors, many of which as practice Rodovid Banka shows, can leave the savings in new bank.

For accepting bank it is favorable to accept assets of problem financial establishment under which reserves are already created. "For example, 1000 UAH - the credit, for 500 UAH are created reserves, thus, the balance cost of a package turns out 500 UAH. That is the bank takes for the credit of 1000 UAH only 500 UAH of deposits. If it well works on "problem" return, on it it is possible to make good money", - Andrey Nesteruk adds.

According to him, interest to act as accepting bank can show large financial establishments at which good services of collecting debts - for example are created, Privatbank, the Alpha - Bank, Unicreditbank.


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