In the Nikolaev area this year almost the number of government purchases increased by 40%

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The number of procedures of government purchases which are carried out by budgetary organizations of different levels, in the Nikolaev area grew by 39,5%. For January - September, 2009 managers of budgetary funds in the Nikolaev area carried out 2277 procedures of purchases of goods, services and works for public funds, whereas for the similar period of last year - 1377 procedures (taking into account parts of subjects of purchases - lots).

Thus the head department of economy of the Nikolaev regional state administration, published the analysis of functioning of system of government purchases, notes that the number of procedures of the government purchases recognized cancelled, decreased twice - with 547 to 237, and in percentage terms - from 39% to 10%. Specialists of management connect it with change of legislative base, reports RTPP of the Nikolaev area.

In only 9 months of this year of 2279 participants submitted 6875 tender and price proposals. On the average in one procedure of the open auction (taking into account separate lots) 2,98 participants, whereas last year - only 1,5 were on the average given. In procedure of request of price offers (quotations) - the number of offers grew with 2,33 to 3,34.

The number of the rejected proposals of participants in comparison with last year grew by 15 times, from 81 offers in 2009 - m to 1240 - in the current year. Experts connect such growth by refusal with the new requirement to participants of providing documentary confirmation of the status of domestic producer or his official representative.

The number of the enterprises working at the regional market of government purchases decreased in absolute calculation. In 9 months 2009 542 participants that is 279 less, than last year were recognized as winners of procedures of government purchases. All participants, except for one, are domestic suppliers (performers), reports RTPP of the Nikolaev area.

The most part of government purchases was carried out by means of the most transparent procedure - the open auction. In total for January - September was spent to areas 2071 open bargaining, or 90,95% of total of procedures of purchases (for the similar period passed years - 71,24%). If last year every second open bargaining was cancelled or nullified, this year - only every tenth. It can be explained with some simplification of conditions of carrying out government purchases and professional development of specialists of tender committees. Specific weight of procedures of request of price offers (quotations) made 8,83%, and only 5 procedures (0,22%) was carried out by application of procedure of purchase for one participant (last year it was carried out these 170 noncompetitive procedures).

In total by means of the open auction it was bought goods, works and service on 357,87 million UAH or 93,27% of the total amount of the budgetary funds allocated for government purchases - 383,69 million UAH). On purchase procedures at one participant 3,37 million UAH, at the request of price offers - 22,45 million UAH were declared. For comparison: in nine months passed years 396,99 million UAH, of them were allocated for purchase of goods of works and services 315,59 35,14 million UAH - purchase at one participant, 26,30 - requests of price offers were declared on the open auction.

As a whole the budgetary sector of the regional market of government purchases this year decreased: in budgets of all levels it is planned to direct in the Nikolaev area on purchase of goods, works and services of 424,27 million UAH that on 73,54 million UAH it is less, than in 2008.

The actual expenses on signed on the basis of the carried-out procedures of purchases to contracts made 169,21 million UAH. 58,21 million UAH, works were spent for purchase of goods - 54,02 million UAH, services - 56, by 97 million UAH. 23,45 million more UAH made expenses under the contracts signed in previous years.


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