Auditors shocked: the owner of the remained tumble-down houses - trams and trolleybuses "Nikolayevelektrotrans" "litters" money to the right and on the left

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In the third quarter of this year audit financially - economic activity of the municipal enterprise "Nikolayevelektrotrans" from 01.10.2007 for 01.07.2009
is carried out
Audit showed that in 2008 in comparison with 2007 flows of the passenger - transportations by trams decreased almost by 36%, and trolleybuses - for 22,1%.

Therefore all citizens using city electrotransport, and it generally socially unprotected segments of the population, considerably felt decrease in frequency of its movement. Constantly it is necessary to face complaints about long breaks. And the route No. 11 (Ts. Rynok - 11-I Military) in general is served by one tram which, as a rule, for technical reasons during working hours fails.

Compensation in the auditing period made of the budget of shipping charges of preferential category of citizens within 40% of requirement that, certainly, didn't promote improvement of a financial condition of the enterprise. For the period of audit in working order there were only 26 units of cars of trams (from available 125 units) and 15 trolleybuses (from available 58).

Owing to lack of current assets timely and high-quality carrying out repairs of a rolling stock of transport isn't provided. "Patching of holes" own powers of powerful result doesn't give. A pressing need in park updating is had. Under such circumstances, apparently, the enterprise would have to especially carefully and carry out carefully expenses, making effective administrative decisions. However audit approves the return.

In particular, the enterprise in July, 2008 listed JSC Ukrainskiye kommercheskiye avtomobili - to the dealer of JSC Plant of a Public Transport who is the producer of the Ukrainian trolleybuses, 3060 thousand UAH for 3 trolleybuses.

Received in November of that year trolleybuses practically at once were returned to the supplier in connection with discrepancy of their quality.One of trolleybuses in February, 2009 again was returned on the enterprise, but during this time it wasn't put into operation for technical reasons. On two other trolleybuses claim work is conducted. However, considering that JSC Plant of a Public Transport doesn't work, the prospect of carrying out repair of these trolleybuses or return of money remains very problematic. So we have that is had.

Also audit elicited the facts when the enterprise, even in the presence of debt on a salary, financing on not held priority events.

In particular, 41,0 thousand UAH are spent for business trips to Moscow for participation in an exhibition and in Prague for the purpose of the solution of a question of acquisition of new trams. Thus the result of business trip was zero.

The maintenance of excess units of a separate professional category managed to the enterprise nearly 70,0 thousand UAH

As a result of granting in a hostel of places on favorable terms to citizens who aren't employees of the enterprise; expenses on payment of a heat supply which was used by the tenant; payments in January, 2009 to the natural person who wasn't in the labor relations with the enterprise, for participation in a forum "We know how to overcome crisis", and also implementation of payment for car repairs "Mercedes" which according to the account didn't appear, is caused damage for the sum of 35,6 thousand hryvnias.

Besides, in a look not applications to tenants of the financial sanctions provided by contracts for non-performance of the taken obligations by them lost 16,5 thousand hryvnias.

And the facts of providing the charitable help to legal entities for total amount about 24 thousand UAH especially struck auditors not only because it wasn't provided by financial plans, but also from a moral aspect, considering a financial condition of the enterprise.

For example, to the Nikolaev regional charity foundation "Feniks" it was provided to the help for the sum of 16 thousand UAH. The request for the help of the Nikolaev association of pigeon fanciers to which one thousand hryvnias was transferred didn't remain unaddressed also. Then "beaten unbeaten it is lucky".

Took place and other violations of financial discipline concerning charge of a salary, write-offs it is combustible - lubricants, safety tovarno - material values, carrying out calculations of the main indicators of activity, conducting accounting and financial statements and other.

For the allowed violations three officials are brought to administrative responsibility, reports "Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" press service CREWE in the Nikolaev area.


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