Nikolayevshchina "squandered" 1,4 million budgetary funds for support of animal husbandry and plant growing

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The Audit Chamber of Ukraine revealed violations in distribution by areas of budgetary funds to animal husbandry and plant growing support. I reported about it "Crime. Is NOT PRESENT"

press - service of Audit Chamber.

The Audit Chamber booked audit of efficiency of use of funds in the sum of 248,6 million UAH, allocated in 2008-2009 to agricultural producers of the Odessa, Nikolaev and Kherson areas on animal husbandry and plant growing support. It is thus noted that the South of Ukraine on the climatic conditions belongs to a zone of risky agriculture therefore the state support here is extremely important.

It is established that head departments of agro-industrial development of the state administrations of these areas in the absence of control from Minagropolitiki distributed noted means unreasonably. Created at regional managements of agro-industrial development the territorial commissions which are responsible for distribution of means, ignored the documents provided by agricultural producers or made decisions without their complete set and with established period violation. Regional managements didn't consider decisions of the commissions, and their heads disposed of budgetary funds subjectively and exceeding powers.

Audit established use of budgetary funds for payment of grants to agricultural producers with violations for total amount nearly 9,6 million UAH, including in Odessa region - more than on 7,6 million UAH, in the Nikolaev area - almost on 1,4 million UAH, in the Kherson area - on 615 thousand UAH

Specialists of Audit Chamber established that 43,2 million UAH of grants were used inefficiently. At the same time, agricultural producers received less 19,6 million UAH that led to formation of accounts payable. Thus by dating weren't captured the majority of producers of agricultural products.


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