Tests: market cleaning?

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Why external independent testing became obligatory this year? It seems that it is one of the few questions which still wasn't not brought up by adherents and opponents of the most grandiose reform of the Ukrainian education.

And meanwhile, on it depends, the new system of estimation of entrants and what expects it the future

for what purpose takes root

First of all, once again we will list the facts known for all.

1. The External Independent Estimation (EIE) of quality of knowledge - one of requirements of the Lisbon international convention of 1999

2. In Ukraine transition to VNO was based, first of all, on need of fight against corruption for education.

3. Quality of tests caused the mass of reproaches and charges.

4. Tests jumped from experiment level for only a few percent of graduates on the obligatory requirement for all in 2008.

And, at last, the fifth and the last: this year (for the first time! ) the number of graduates is twice less, than quantity of license places in higher education institutions.

Thus organizers managed to do (joking apart) enormous work: in the conditions of chronic "imperious insufficiency" to beat out 41 million budgetary hryvnias, to create national structure, to break resistance of rectorial shop, to get support or a neutrality of leading political forces, to construct half a million graduates and one million parents plus tens of thousands of teachers and officials of education …

Perfectly realizing that, and chinovno - obedient all teacher's estate is how operated, has to notice that creation of notorious Tender chamber of Ukraine was the last similar successful reformatory project. No, it at all hint. At least now. Recognition of organizing talents is simple.

We will return to our subject: why right now? After all for the sake of it organizers not only "pulled up trees", but also "granites gnawed". Igor Likarchuk's statement in interview unitary enterprise that VNO showed "a huge number of mistakes in textbooks", probably, was urged to shift responsibility for existence in tests of a significant amount of marriage:questions on which it is impossible to give the correct answer, incorrectly put, etc. However the same phrase specifies that tests were made, at least, not by specialists in these subjects. It is already strange. Conspiracy, of course, business sacred, but it was really impossible to find five - six decent subject teachers? Be I the cynic ingenuous, I would assume that a certain group "allowed to a body" initiators wasn't going to share the fee with "ordinary" teachers - methodologists. But once again I will repeat: the talent and skills of organizers force to concern to them with much bigger … respect.

There is one: very much hurried to start testing this year, was to select performers simply once.

Why? The term of the last fight with corruption came? Well, schools and higher education institutions are a true stronghold of bribery where there to vessels, militia, the Executive Committees of the City Soviet of People's Deputies, the ministries and all we designate. Trouble that "independent testing doesn't solve a corruption problem". It not my words, it was told by Algirdas Zabulionis, the consultant of USETI (The program of assistance to independent testing in Ukraine), the person, is a lot of years dealing with issues of introduction and testing improvement in different CIS countries.

"UCEQE (Ukrainian center of estimation of quality of education), and appropriate authorities has to fight against corruption not! It is a society problem, instead of examinations", - A. Zabulionis in interview to the Zerkalo Nedeli newspaper declared.

It is difficult for any Ukrainian to disagree with it, it isn't enough - мальски guided in realities of the country. Means, ballots (in the necessary small squares) at us both forge the same daggers, and throw, and consider incorrectly. And tests-? Or the UTsOKO databases will be protected better than bases tax and customs?

Address in any selection committee of any higher education institution, and you will be told curious things. It is known that each certificate contains two assessment - on 200-mark and 12-mark system. Recalculation from one system in another is rather difficult, and is made according to special tables. Higher education institutions have no right to accept certificates with an assessment below, than 124 points and "4" on school system. Therefore in many selection committees these estimates (from a sin far away) recalculate. As I was told, almost each tenth certificate contains the wrong translation from one system in another! We will tell, on points there has to be "six", and there are "five". To the contrary, the assessment - is satisfactory, and the number of points is lower 124-x.After that it is difficult to believe in perfect quality of verification of tests. But the speech not about that. The alarm is caused by other circumstance: the order of the Ministry of Education unambiguously puts the requirement to accept only those who has not lower than 124 points and (!) "4". How to arrive with the guy who has got on Ukrainian of 125 points and "three"?

Than 2008 is remarkable? It is the first year of "a big demographic hole". As it was already reported, this year the Nikolaev higher education institutions have 21 thousand license places. This year - exactly it is twice less than graduates. It is clear that after 12-го a class we are ready to study not all at institutes (academies, universities and so forth) however, there are still graduates of last years and non-residents. But obligatory test on Ukrainian in the Nikolaev area was passed by 11,5 thousand people. Repeated testing will add to this list one thousand - one and a half, but an overall picture won't change. Besides, there are higher education institutions of Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov and other university centers, eager for clever and solvent clients. Solvent. The word furnishing the clue to many riddles. The market of the higher education - one of the largest in the country, and was considered as one of the most profitable about five years ago. And "white" and "gray" means are estimated in billion hryvnias and the "under-the-counter cash" sums - in total - cause sincere interest.

Demographic recession can seriously exsanguinate this market. There is an urgent need to smooth out the market. From whom? Ridiculous question: from the weak. You will tell, from the higher education institutions having weak personnel and material resources, giving bad education? Our official structures in general are poorly adapted for the solution of such tasks. Licenses are granted not for one year, to execute their requirements, purely formally, not so difficult. Remember, in two years of the Ministry of Education in Nikolaev managed to close only couple of branches, it is already perfect … not format. All the same there is too much others. Another matter - from - for shortages of entrants the majority of provincial higher education institutions will be taken now by all certificates, including with disputable, boundary estimates. Than not a reason for "subject" conversation with the rector or the owner? By the way, the Ministry of Education demands to submit now weekly the report on that, how many and what certificates accepted each higher education institution.

Frankly speaking, it would be desirable to speak about other: what education is formed by our tests? It is clear that teachers will adapt the maintenance of the lessons soon (and paid consultations) for requirements of tests.But that it is more important for society: that the main thing it were aware of history of date of change of hetmen or understanding of historical processes? We expect from future student (and the expert) ability to choose the correct answer from many, or to formulate the thought and to prove it?

At last, results of independent testing is a unique objective rating of schools of the city, and whether it is time therefore to make them public - without surnames, with an average assessment for each school?

But organizers of VNO brought him out of the sphere of professional discussion about the purposes and quality of education, having presented to such anti-corruption panacea.

Therefore article left such as is. Ukraine endured already some attempts of creation of the centralized structures which aren't bearing any legal and public responsibility, but crushing under itself milliard financial streams. And what remained earlier at the disposal of local elite. Tender chamber - the loudest and successful, but it is far not only of such projects. And now we have UTsOKO - opaque (privacy! ) nonpublic structure on which activity the grandiose market of the higher education depends. And testing - without distinctly designated purposes, under the doubtful anti-corruption slogans, introduced in our life Stakhanov rates. From this point of view cleaning of the market is represented only activity of noble idealists - hospital attendants.

Yes, all civilized world lives with external independent estimation. But we possess unique feature to find for well-known things unique application. From this, as results of tests of this year will be used, it becomes clear: for what and for whom they were necessary.


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