"Ukravtodor" says that didn't spend billion for construction of 8 kilometers of roads which conduct from Kirovograd to Nikolaev

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In 11 months 2009 Public service of the highways "Ukravtodor" put 7,8 km of the new and reconstructed roads in operation, having spent for it 913,5 million hryvnias of budgetary funds, reported in the exclusive material edition "Put".

Editions were available operational data on a construction of roads in Ukraine. As found out the edition, nearly billion hryvnias is spent, and only two sites of roads are repaired: Aleksandrovka - Kirovograd - Nikolaev (1,6 km) and Novomirgorod - the Temple Bike (4 km) in the Kirovograd area. Two sites (1,9 and 0,3 km) routes of local value in Rivnensky and Sumy areas are also constructed.

"By simple arithmetic calculations it is possible to find out that each kilometer of these roads cost to the state 117,5 million hryvnias. For comparison, in the USA such works cost to the federal budget in terms of hryvnia on the average 47,2 million", - notes the edition.

In "Ukravtodore", in turn, disproved this information.

"Information published in one of the Ukrainian editions, that allegedly Public service of highways of Ukraine for the current year spent 913,5 million hryvnias, having thus laid only 7,8 km of the highway, isn't true", - it is spoken in "Ukravtodor's" comment.

As they say in the statement, submitted information "is result of nonprofessionally processed materials about "Ukravtodor's" activity which got to edition on informal channels that doesn't correspond to a real situation after works performed by "Ukravtodor" in 2009, and also volume of the means spent for their execution".

In "Ukravtodore" noted that, according to operational data, the cost of construction of 7,8 km of highways makes 45,8 million hryvnias, instead of 913,5 million hryvnias. "In the current year the amount of works on construction and reconstruction for the sum of 913, 5 million hryvnias is really executed. Works were carried out on 157 objects", - it is noted in the document.

In department also referred on hard, from the point of view of branch insufficient funding, year, "that couldn't but be reflected in the total amount of the performed works and amounts of the objects put in operation". "However, despite crisis, from the financial point of view, year, Public service of highways of Ukraine managed to hold first of all at due operational level of 169 thousand km of public roads and to provide their maintenance and the operational contents, besides capitally to repair 171 km and to reconstruct 7,8 km", - noted in "Ukravtodore".

"Ukravtodor" demands the publication of a denial of false data. In case of disagreement to make this department reserves the right to appeal to court with the requirement of protection of the business reputation and compulsory publication of the true facts.


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