Koblevo's beaches have a lawful owner (continuation)

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On June 25 the correspondent of mk.mk.ua knew that between the state enterprise "Ochakov Lesookhotnichye Economy" and AAS private enterprise the contract on transfer of 9 hectares of the Koblevsky beach in temporary use was signed, for a period of 49 years about what it was reported in information "At Koblevsky beaches there was an owner "http://www.mk.mk.ua/clause.html?nid=2036&cid=8.

Reaction to the publication was ambiguous. Readers had questions: why states of emergency of "AAS" were transferred land, and why to so long term - 49 years? We readdressed them to the chief of the Nikolaev regional management of forest and hunting economy -To Pyotr Nikolaevich Palamaryuk.

"The AAS private enterprise participated in competition on the earth. Their offers on improvement of a beach were the best. Offers were considered at the level of the Nikolaev regional state administration, and only after the orderA.Garkusha, the contract about transfers of the earth to temporary use of state of emergency of "AAS" for 49 years" was signed - Pyotr Palamaryuk explains.

Also he says that for lesookhotnichy economy, as for the owner of land, this option very favorable. "Actually the earth isn't brought out of our property. The site on - former is registered for us, and if something happens, we will be able always to return it. The AAS firm signed with us the contract in which all conditions of using appear the earth. They have to clean daily a beach, improve its territory - to establish locker rooms, shower" - P. Palmaryuk declares.

He explains so long term of temporary use to that the private enterprise is going to make very serious investments in improvement of the Koblevsky beach: "On purchase of harvest equipment, booths and the other equipment "AAS", according to my information, is going to spend about 5 million dollars. The sum impressive therefore they wanted that also the term of using the earth was maximum. But in case of non-performance of the obligations stated in the contract by them, we through court will be able to dissolve the contract, and to return lands to ourselves.We hope that before won't reach and Koblevo's beach will be as it should be".


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