This year the Nikolaev athletes won 72 gold, 40 silver and 31 bronze medals

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Unlike years last, in leaving 2009 athletes of SDYuSShOR-2 managed to make a speech not at all highest tournaments of the continent and a planet. The reason of our such "modesty" is valid - tension of preparation for carrying out in Nikolaev of the boxing European championship-2009, and "influenzal" fears with their quarantine threats, and money affected also … However, the sports trophy of School in a kickboxing, Thai and Olympic female boxing, is all the same habitually magnificent! Here it, statistics which reports a press - service of the Nikolaev regional Federation of a kickboxing:

year 2001: "gold" - 28 medals, "silver" - 15 medals, "bronze" - 25 medals;

year 2002: "gold" - 42 medals, "silver" - 26 medals, "bronze" - 15 medals;

year 2003: "gold" - 41 medal, "silver" - 30 medals, "bronze" - 32 medals;

year 2004: "gold" - 55 medals, "silver" - 43 medals, "bronze" - 49 medals;

year 2005: "gold" - 60 medals, "silver" - 50 medals, "bronze" - 39 medals;

year 2006: "gold" - 64 medals, "silver" - 44 medals, "bronze" - 35 medals;

year 2007: "gold" - 68 medals, "silver" - 64 medals, "bronze" - 49 medals;

year 2008: "gold" - 85 medals, "silver" - 39 medals, "bronze" - 46 medals;

year 2009: "gold" - 72 medals, "silver" - 40 medals, "bronze" - 31 medals;

And it everything - only awards of national, continental and world advantage!

In 2009 the unique head is entered in chronicles of sports of Nikolayevshchina: FOR THE FIRST TIME our city hosted the sound European sports championship. The most grandiose event in sports history of edge, female EUBC the European championship-2009 became the first boxing European championship and in general in the history of the Ukrainian boxing. And NINE (!) medals of the women's national team of team of the Honored trainer of Ukraine Nikolay Hadzhioglo - result not less unique!

Besides, in 2009 of the girl - boxers, at last, entered "the Olympic family", and guys won at once TWO titles "WMMAF World champion" in саньда - the most prestigious real single combat, "quintessences ушу"...

But the fact of valid friendly "training" invitations of the Ukrainian team to Europe (Poland, France) and absolutely simple words some spread-around by the Russian press from lips of a legend of world boxing became the most, probably, important achievements of nikolayevets in 2009: "You know, the Nikolaev fans struck me with the correctness. They applauded us, Russians who won the final, including their compatriots. In the practice I for the first time meet such cool support group. Thanks of. " it is pleasant - that as! The value of such response of Sofya Ochigavy about us is very great: speaking several languages and adoring serious literature, an ordinary question of dreams answering "It is impossible to be so limited to dream only of Games and the Olympic medal …", the charming star - the clear head of world boxing, you see, "just like that" will tell nothing.

The states - the cities can be nice for economy and policy, science and technologies, persons and talents, morals and democracy, the history and the earth, military power and victories in sports... Sports progress is, probably, the most considerable (while) making national and international popularity of our city of Nikolaev. And here, undoubtedly, unique achievements of nikolayevets in single combats - in the most mass, in the sports most popular in the world have special value. People have to know WHO glorifies Nikolaev!


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