The judicial red tape round plant shop No. 32 of 61 Communards came to Dnepropetrovsk. The new owner didn't pay an overall cost of object

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When in February of the current year the regional office of the State property fund on the Nikolaev area carried out auction at which shop No. 32, the unfinished plant of wall materials of plant of 61 Communards, was sold for 7,12 million hryvnias to WINDSOR firm, of RO FGIU were convinced that now the object will be completed and will earn. The bases for confidence were: the investor profile, is engaged in construction works. But arrival on the privatized enterprise of the new investor as it appeared, yet doesn't give an absolute guarantee that the enterprise, at last - that, will begin to live normal life. And now the regional office of FGIU should even have legal proceedings with the new owner of shop No. 32.

According to the deputy chief of RO FGIU on the Nikolaev area Oleg Sokol after the purchase and sale contract was signed on May 27, the investor could pay 50% of a project cost, 100% of cost of the land plot, and other 50% of the cost of the acquired object had to bring equal payments quarterly within a year. But for all this time any of four necessary payments wasn't paid.

As the chief of RO FGIU Evgeny Kazansky reported, the regional office prepared the claim for collecting debt, and also for charge of a penalty fee which accrued in connection with non-performance of terms of the contract of purchase and sale. Case is considered in Dnepropetrovsk economic court - in the location of the respondent. The next meeting is appointed for tomorrow, on December 30.

The Kazan added that to court of RO FGIU appealed at once as the owner broke payment terms - on September 14. In the matter the prosecutor's office is on the side of office also.

But not everything is so simple as it seems. As the argument the respondent refers to that the plant on which balance there was a shop No. 32, not in full transferred to it proyektno - budget documentation which is required for object completion as that is demanded by the term of the contract.

Without these documents the investor should order anew these documents, and on it will be necessary both money, and time. Besides, documentation isn't enough to be made - it needs also to be coordinated; on one it the whole year can leave.

Therefore in court the respondent asks that it was given payment by installments for five years (under the contract payment by installments was given for a year) that he solved all the problems with documentation, satisfied debts and began construction.

- We understand it, - the chief of RO FGIU speaks. - It would be possible to make advances in this plan and as - that to prolong these terms. But - delayed - that payment it is necessary to pay … It is clear that in the conditions of crisis they could have problems, including the financial. But why the state has to suffer from it?

- And the plant of 61 Communards tried to wash handles! We offered in court that them attracted as the third party. After all at them at you all proyektno - budget documentation! And there the plant manager tells that: "Here, it already old. He doesn't remember where at it that lies". Well, why it has to excite us or the investor? Report, please, proyektno - budget documentation as it is necessary, to the new investor!. But say that they don't have that, that isn't present, that isn't present. Also can't find.

But even if the plant "will take advantage of the opportunity" and will tell to the investor all documentation, not the fact that after that everything will go like clockwork. Proyektno - budget documentation as E. Kazansky noted is an enormous volume of documents. The plant built this object of ten years. And here a problem not only that proyektno - budget documentation remained not in a complete set, but also that part of documents elementary obsolete. That is, the investor all the same should be spent for production of any new papers. What is the time on it will leave, it isn't known. Also it isn't excluded that present judicial proceedings - not the last on this object. And whether it in general sometime will be constructed - too under big - a big question...

The plant of wall materials has in principle a hard destiny. "Those who identified itself(himself) with the investor of plant of 61 Communards" earlier, being put into words Kazan (HSZ means) didn't want to give plant. Experts of RO FGIU which carried out preprivatization preparation of object, the management of plant refused to let on the enterprise territory.

We will remind that there were disputes even concerning the shop No. 32 status.As regards documents the object is registered as object of incomplete construction though at the same time there is a certificate on the property right issued by BTI as on the object put into operation. Result two-


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