In the Nikolaev area there can be social tension – the director of "Wine-growers and Wine Makers of Ukraine" association

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The "Wine-growers and Wine Makers of Ukraine" association urges legislature not to take away from producers of wines a state subsidy in the form of one-percentage collecting on wine growing development as it can kill branch. It in a course the press - to conference was declared by the director of association Sergey Petrenko.

As the correspondent reports, Petrenko noted that cancellation of the state subsidy won't allow domestic wine-growers and wine makers to stand in the open market after the entry of Ukraine into the WTO. At the same time, in the Verkhovna Rada the bill "About Modification of Some Acts of Ukraine (Rather Special Mode of the Taxation of Agricultural Producers)" of N2469 which provides cancellation of one-percentage collecting since 2009 is registered.

In case of realization of such policy, according to Petrenko, the Ukrainian wine growing can stop in general the existence as it will lead to the actual termination of planting of new vineyards in view of lack of further prospect of development of branch. And it in turn becomes the reason of prompt increase in unemployment among country people.

According to the head of association, today in vinogradarsky branch it is occupied about 1 million people, and about 100 thousand citizens of Ukraine leased own land shares under planting of vineyards. "As a result, there can be social tension in the southern regions, in particular in Odessa,Nikolaev, Kherson areas and ARE Crimea. Also it will be resulted in bankruptcy of tens by vinogradarskikh of farms and the enterprises of primary wine-making industry which in the called regions makes a basis of filling of the budget", - Petrenko added.

Wine makers and wine-growers suggest the authorities to prolong existence of one-percentage collecting at least for 5 years for branch support, and whenever possible within the next two years not to change duty cost from grape wines. And also to introduce a state program of support of vinogradarsky branch.

However, predicts Petrenko, this program - in view of the international obligations assumed by Ukraine in connection with accession to WTO - won't receive due public financing.


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