Greed ruins. Inhabitants of the Crimea obviously overestimated loyalty of vacationers to them

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Inhabitants of the Crimea obviously overestimated appeal of the resorts and loyalty of vacationers to them. Owners of leased housing on YuBK excited its cost on 40 - 50% in comparison with last year, having even more increased a gap between the price and quality. The Russians frightened of teleplots about a catastrophic ecological situation on the Ukrainian coast of the Black Sea, and also noticeable decrease in the real income of representatives of domestic middle class brought.

And weather in June pumped up, without indulging health-resort visitors surplus of heat. As a result usually hammered beaches are empty now, routes towards the peninsula are free, and a third of the apartments exposed in employment and numbers in mini - hotels remain unclaimed. However, it doesn't confuse inhabitants of the Crimea who with enviable stubbornness raise the price of "hospitality" in hope further that during a high season vacationers all - wholly will compensate their June financial losses.

Greed ruins

Hospitality of inhabitants of the Crimea costs the vacationer all dearer. Inspired more than successful May holidays when visitors were ready to remove literally any corners for fabulous money, and forecasts of tour operators about redistribution of a tourist stream on YuBK from - for prompt rises in price of the majority of foreign resorts, owners of housing on the coast established unreasonably high price level. According to representatives Yalta "Room bureau", in comparison with last year the cost of removable housing in Big Yalta grew by 40-50%.

We will tell if last summer the price of rent of the average one-room apartment started from $30, now for it ask not less than $50 per day. In some settlements entering a Yalta ring, tariffs are even higher. For example, in Nikita for $50 per day it is possible to remove unless housing the house-keeper - a class whereas for the apartment with decent repair and the conditioner ask not less than $60-70 per day. The same picture is observed in Forosa, Livadiya, Simeiz.And it is far not a limit - during the high season the prices will increase still at least by 10-15%. The resorts located outside YuBK, grow in the price slightly more slowly.

As the director of Absolute Crimea agency Evgeny Kostenkov, housing in Feodosiya and nearby settlements (Ordzhonikidze, Coastal, Seaside told and so forth) this year rose in price on the average for 20%, and now the minimum offers start from $10 from the person per day (for this money it is possible to rent apartment or the room the house-keeper - a class). Apartments more - less decent level with good repair, the conditioner and the round-the-clock supply of hot water will cost approximately $30-40 per day. Approximately the same prices are exposed by owners of housing in Evpatoria.

But while turns eager to rent apartments on such tariffs it isn't observed. Local realtors recognize that not less than a third of being leased apartments stand idle as the tourist stream was significantly lower than the expected.

The agency head of Media Friends Victoria Svetkova says that it is difficult to call the beginning of a current resort season successful: the number of vacationers in comparison with last year was reduced by a third though on the eve of a season experts predicted, at least, 10-15%-a ny gain. It explains a negative tendency a weather factor (until the end of June on the peninsula it was cool), and also intrigues of competitors. In particular, the Russian mass media shortly before opening of a season carried out large-scale PR-campaign during which told about an ecological disaster in the Crimea, in passing urging to have a rest in resorts of Krasnodar Krai. As a result the share of tourists in the Crimean resorts which always was high and made not less than 30-40% of the Russian Federation, in the current year decreased by 1,5 times.

Our compatriots prefer to have a rest rather according to "the day off program", than as full-fledged holiday-makers more often. "If earlier minimum term of rent of housing made seven - ten days, in this season it was reduced to two, at most to five", - Victoria Svetkova claims. It predicts that the situation will be leveled to the middle of July. Obviously, the same hopes are cherished also by owners of apartments as as note in "Room bureau", despite the absence of lodgers, we are ready to provide discounts for apartments far not many.

Sand locks

It is paradoxical, but the Crimean housing rises in price not only against decrease in demand, but also against essential increase in the offer.Experts note that the base of being rented apartments in this season extended not less than for 20%, that is in principle the competition for the potential lodger had to become aggravated only. Victoria Svetkova explains that first of all the offer of housing of middle class in price category of $50-60 per day for the one-room apartment as on it the increased demand was observed in recent years extended.

Many owners of apartments and the private houses, earlier being guided by rather poor tourists, were enclosed in repair, changed furniture and are now ready to work only with rather wealthy clients. On the average a price segment are positioned also the majority mini - the hotels which number for the last year increased approximately by 20%. According to Council of ministers of the Crimea, today at the peninsula legally work 400 private mini - boarding houses. For example, only in Big Yalta there were not less than 15 new objects (on the embankment, around Yalta — Intourist hotel, Livadiya, Miskhore and so forth). Some hotels calculated on 10-30 of numbers, also in Alupka ("A solar lodge"), Sevastopol ("Sea"), the Rock ("Slang"), Evpatoria ("Liana") were given. Standard numbers in private hotels cost about $50-70 per day.

As officials suspect, the number of the households working at this market is semi-legal, exceeds 1,2 thousand. But the "serednyachok", ready to be spent for rest in the Crimea at the new prices, it appeared much less, than it was supposed, and now the offer of such housing, according to the most conservative estimates, for 10-15% exceeds available demand.

Despite offer reduction in a segment it is inexpensive housing, a special agiotage and there it isn't observed. On the contrary, as tell in "Room bureau", the guests, concordant to have a rest with the minimum comfort, can find a corner practically at the same price, as last year - from 25 UAH from the person per day. And realtors are ready to provide to unpretentious lodgers at once some options on a choice. "This tendency testifies that demand for inexpensive rooms without conveniences decreases even quicker, than the offer", - state in "Room bureau".

At the same time some offers of being rented housing obviously don't suffice. For example, in deficiency now cottages and elite apartments. In comparison with last year demand for them doubled. Hit among visitors are the small private houses located in a lonely place with own garden and an outlet to the sea.According to Victoria Svetkova, houses around the Nikitsky botanical garden, in Gurzuf and Livadiya are the most popular. Despite boom of building of similar objects in the Crimea, units are leased only - buyers get the majority of housing for own needs.

As a result of the price of VIP-offers grew by 50% and today on YuBK it is almost impossible to rent the decent house less than for $1 thousand per day. Even more often in base of local AN there are also offers on higher prices reaching $3 thousand per day. The western Crimea while remains rather available - the unpretentious lodge of country type here can be rented for $180-200, and a modern cottage - for $800-1 thousand per day. Evgeny Kostenkov explains this fact mass construction of houses under letting. "Practically in each farmstead where is more - less suitable land plot, in a year near the house of owners the second grew up - for lodgers. Many locals for the summer move to apartments, letting in own cottages of lodgers", - he speaks.
Study on mistakes

The base of large hotels and boarding houses in the Crimea extends much more slowly, than quantity mini - hotels that has a talk problems with branch of allotments which all potential investors face practically.

According to the constant commission of Council of ministers of ARC on recreational, sanatorno - resort to complexes and tourism, this summer on the peninsula about 600 hotels the total of places in which reaches 150 thousand function. It only on three tens objects is more, than in the past season. And new hotels don't impress with the sizes: generally being rented sheds and hotels on 30-

are under construction

40 numbers. Meanwhile essential changes happened in already working boarding houses. So, this year for the first time in the history of the Crimea two hotels - "Heliopark the Pine grove" (Gaspra, from 1,134 thousand UAH per day) and "Thousand and one night" (Miskhor, from 1,2 thousand UAH per day) will work on system "all inclusive". The first at the end of last year from multinational corporation - BP was redeemed by the hotel Heliopark Group network. The group plans to enclose about $70 million that will allow to increase the area of apartments from present 15,5 thousand to 20 thousand sq.m in an upclassing of a number of rooms. The four-stars hotel "The Crimean Riviera" (Alushta) became the first hotel on the peninsula, entered the international hotel Radisson network.The Crimean sanatorium "Ai - Danil" which is located between Gurzuf and the Nikitsky botanical garden, is positioned as SPA-the center (two pools from medical functions for children and the adults are near, seven bathtubs for water massage, a vibrocapsule, a bath and so forth)

Thus the prices in large Crimean hotels raised less significantly, than in the private sector, - no more than by 10-15% that lowered a gap in the cost of civilized and "wild" rest. In separate segments, for example in elite, the difference in the price between hotel and removable apartments already practically isn't present. The double room in hotels "Levant", "Sea" costs about $200, "the Crimean Riviera" - 1325 UAH, "Oreanda" - from $300, "Palmyra Palase" - from $350 per day whereas for similar on comfort level the apartments, given in new complexes, owners ask $300-500 per day. Therefore experts predict that in leading hotels of ARC the average level of fullness will be higher than the last year's: 60-70% against 52% past summer.


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