Soon in Koblevo there will be five-stars hotels, and here beaches "will be in stuff"...

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Press - conference of the governor of Nikolayevshchina took place today in the regional state administration. It was a question mainly of problems of a resort season.

The question of the solution of problems in a recreation area of Koblevo as Alexey Garkusha noted, rose in 2000-2001. All understood need of high-quality change of a situation. Was and some versions of the decision: to leave everything how to eat and continue, and in direct, and figuratively "to dig in garbage in sand"; to direct there the enterprise which would provide there an order, or to distribute the beach territory (and responsibility for it) between recreation facilities. The last caused difficulties: if to distribute the territory between bases at the coast how to be with what are on the second, third, fourth line?

Therefore Ochakov лесоохотничье economy which possesses a coastal zone as already I reported, I signed the contract with AAS private enterprise according to which the last, renting a beach zone for 49 years, undertakes to create there ought conditions.

"We obliged to include in conditions of this contract general availability, a sanitary order, the equipment of a beach zone properly", - the head YEAH noted.

In the beginning with the similar decision heads of separate recreation facilities were dissatisfied, but then and they started stating satisfaction to that the situation considerably improved. It and is clear: "If there are three - four - five-stars hotels, and beaches will be in stuff, these "stars"" won't work, - Alexey Garkusha speaks.

New management of foreign economic relations, investments and resorts which is nowadays created in YEAH will control work of state of emergency of "AAS". Will consider also opinion of the dissatisfied: "If there someone didn't get something, we will deal with it", - the head YEAH sneers.

And here as for improvement of Koblevsky infrastructure, the regional state administration any more won't be engaged in it. "Today (in Koblevo) there are enough investments at people, for whom it is business, so if they though to achieve (in this sphere) success, they have to cooperate and think of development, - Alexey Garkusha noted. - I suggested Berezansky district administration to create (for this purpose) the cooperative enterprise.It doesn't mean that YEAH in general refuses to do something there. Certainly, for creation of capital treatment facilities will cooperate means and the area, and owners of bases, and, probably, the regional budget".

It is time to bring an order and to children's camps, and boarding houses, the head YEAH notes. "Literally just passed meeting on efficiency of use of institutions and recreation facilities which are in regional municipal property, - Alexey Garkusha reported. - There are today questions and on use of Nikolaev boarding house which didn't become the vacation spot for pedagogical workers or children, there are questions and according to "Bytovik" where as check showed, бытовиков just and isn't present. Probably, there are abuses, and we now create the commission on check of these and other recreation facilities to bring there an elementary order".


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