It is possible "to launder" money in any game hall or a pawnshop

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Game halls and pawnshops launder money. The state committee of financial monitoring tries to fight against these illegal processes.

About 2 years ago in the Nikolaev area the regional office of the State committee of the financial monitoring which main objective is counteraction to washing of the means received by an illegal way and fight against financial terrorism was created.

Game institutions and pawnshops are in the list of subjects of financial monitoring. Complexity in tracking of the money passing through similar institutions, is that they have no regulator, that is body to which they would be accountable.

"In the past and this year we held meetings in the Nikolaev regional administration which grants regional licenses for a gaming, but can't actually control its work, as well as Gosfinmonitoring. Though together with prosecutor's office we can make checks. State financial monitoring acts here as the consultant", - the chief of the Nikolaev regional office of the State committee of financial monitoring of Ukraine Sergey Adabir reported.

According to Sergey Adabir, it is very simple to launder money through a gambling institution: "An elementary example - money is received from narcobusiness, they need to be legalized, that is to confirm that they have a lawful origin. The person places this money in a gambling institution, then allegedly officially them wins. That is, if it ask, it has the official document confirming that this money won".

Only one gambling institution in Nikolaev has the license of the Ministry of Finance and the regional license. This license quite recently is granted, in April, but violations of formal character there are already revealed. Besides, there is no the person who is responsible for financial monitoring. In each game hall the person, not offender who has had special training who will trace passing of financial streams through a game hall has to be officially issued. If the sum of these streams exceeds 80 thousand hryvnias, they are subject to financial monitoring.

Other gambling institutions work as branches.That is one person in any of areas of Ukraine buys the license of the Ministry of Finance, and then allegedly opens branches of the institution in other areas. "To this person address for the license, pay off with him, open branch and take the regional license which costs kopeks, or in general it is possible", - Sergey Adabir notes.

With pawnshops the situation is in this way. There too it is possible to launder money easily. Especially as as a deposit pawnshops take even real estate. And it is already enough large sums of money.

Here only to reveal similar violations, and to punish the main thing for them, nobody hurries.


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