Ice and foam – money of the bartender

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Restaurant business in our city develops with a sound speed. We didn't manage to visit one of new small restaurants as in the neighbourhood the bistro already opened, a pizzeria, a coffee house … Today to find an institution not only to liking, but also on a pocket everyone can. Agree who from us doesn't like to sit after the unlucky working day in a pleasant cafe with a cup of coffee or something is stronger, to chat with friends. Such minutes the Soviet dining rooms and the bars through impregnated with rudeness and sluggishness of the service personnel are often remembered. What a difference now - the wide range of dishes and the drinks, the lovely waiters, pleasant service. And there is a wish to come into favourite cafe again and again. Also believe, for us there wait. After all often this courteous personnel considers each of clients as a source of the "left" earnings.

It is unlikely colleagues on kitchen will tell thanks to Denis who agreed to tell NZN about the hard work of the bartender. But he doesn't worry about it though a surname and a place of work asks not to call. And in general, Dan decided to leave a profession and to be engaged in something in more serious. "Bothered, - he speaks, - 10 years to work behind a bar counter practically all pubs of the city, to make thousands cocktails and one hundred thousands times to pour on "fifty", any will be tired of it".

The ex-the bartender wants to try the luck "in the seas" or will go to work abroad. For now he agreed to tell how deceive clients in bars and that it is necessary to do not to get on this rod.

"I don't want to tell that all bartenders and waiters deceive the clients, but nevertheless it meets rather often. The low salary and wide range of duties of the bartender in the absence of control can't but provoke desire to earn additionally the "left" money", - the bartender Dan speaks.

Clients of elite restaurants are most protected from deception of bartenders. The eye of Omniscience of surveillance cameras excludes possibility of any frauds behind a bar counter. And here visitors of cafe and a bistro with computer system of adoption of the order aren't insured not from "dirty" hands of bartenders - waiters.

But an ideal place for deception of visitors nevertheless are night clubs and discos. There is a contact bar counter where the tipsy youth orders cocktails directly in the bartender and pays off with him. Besides, this contingent not especially watches quality of drinks and check existence. Delivery to such clients can simply not come back or is given the small notes which part settles in pockets of the bartender.

Cocktail from cow milk?

More skilled bartenders decide on frauds with cocktails already. The most real way is the same incomplete filling. The assistant in it is ordinary ice. It can be added in juice or Coca. It will occupy a glass half, as a result the client drinks at most 150 grams of drink, instead of put to it 250. "Therefore always you look, whether ice if isn't present appears in ingredients, have to bring it or in separate ware, or pour drinks in glasses of bigger volume", - the bartender Dan advises.

Unlike "cheap" juice, cocktails in which compounding ice appears, help bartenders to earn additionally not bad. Units know, how many cocktail has to turn out at the exit and in what glass it have to give. Especially as each bartender will be able to refer to own compounding of preparation of drink.

Denis says that the most impudent way of deception of visitors is substitution of ingredients. "Cocktails consist from enough expensive components which bartenders substitute for cheaper. Also it is a question not necessarily of vodka (though it is the most frequent case). There are handymen who in a glass with "Baileys" will add the substance welded from milk, vodka and sugar syrup. The main thing - is correct to observe proportions, and anybody will notice nothing. I at first experimented on friends. They drank for lovely soul and when I told - didn't trust", - Denis admits.

He says that in night clubs cocktail costs an average of 40-60 hryvnias. And if to bring part of ingredients with itself or to make them independently, its prime cost decreases to 20 hryvnias. The bartender fills the pocket with a difference.

It is heaviest to dilute martini. This ropish, slightly oily drink can't be diluted with water, in it at once there will be stains. It is possible to do a trick with ice, but fans of martini at once will understand, in what business.

Drink beer foamy …

One of the most popular ways to get hold on ingenuous clients is the incomplete filling. Most often it practices with beer.Foamy drink can fill a glass to the edges but when foam will settle, you will see that to a floor - the liter doesn't suffice you 50-80 ml. It is insignificant volume but if to multiply it by quantity of the sold glasses - it turns out not so a little. "Pour in too little so much, on how many conscience will suffice", - Denis speaks. According to him, there are cases when beer shake up a blender in a separate glass, and the turned-out foam is poured out gradually in a glass of the client. Especially effectively it with not filtered beer. From it dense foam which long doesn't settle turns out.

The myth about that dilute beer, Dan disproves. "Beer is on sale either in bottles, or in the kegakh. Bottle to mix it won't turn out, then back in a bottle you won't fill in it, and in the kegakh - simply it isn't real. It is hermetically packed, and the special valve doesn't allow to add something in capacity", - the professional bartender declares.

Denis tells that there are other cases. For example, the person came to night club and wants to order inexpensive beer - "Chernigov". The waiter declares that he isn't present, and there is only more expensive beer, for example, "Stella Artois". Further two options of succession of events are possible. The first - the waiter will bring expensive beer though cheap too is available, thereby having increased the earnings. To the second - under the guise of expensive beer to the visitor will bring the cheap.

The freezed vodka

Vodka and cognac deserve separate attention. In - the first, it is the drinks most widespread in our corner of the world. And in - the second, the set is connected with them the barmenskikh of tricks. No, you only don't think that these alcoholic drinks are diluted with water. Professional bartenders of it won't afford, substitution is too noticeable. However, ways and without that suffice. "If to dilute cognac with water, it loses at once a smell and strongly changes in taste. And vodka - one pluses. And if to put 5 cubes of ice in a shaker and to pour there not 50 ml of whisky, and 35 and взболтать, will seem that there all seventy", - are told by Denis.

Besides, non-standard shot glasses, for example, with a thick bottom are used. They can be of 40 ml, and will pour in it, as if vodka "fifty-kopeck piece". Often bartenders "are played" and with vodka brands. "If long to keep vodka in the freezer, it is so cooled that it becomes difficult to distinguish cheap vodka from expensive.Therefore when vodka order on flood and for a little table, bartenders often pour not that vodka which ordered, and cheaper", - Denis shares the secrets.

Proceeding from it it is better to order vodka not on flood, and in a bottle, or to watch that it was not too cold.

Well, for health of the young!

One more "gold mine" - banquets. Here profit get the naturprodukty - the lion's share of that had to appear on tables, goes to home refrigerators of the personnel. Half-troubles if it occurs after the banquet termination when pyanenky organizers of a celebration didn't want to carry away the food remains home. But all salt that in most cases products don't appear at all on a table. Sausage so тоненько cut and so beautifully display that visually even it is impossible to assume that instead of two sticks of sausage on a table one is cut. Salads put in one big salad-dish. To define, how many there portions: 9 or 7, not in power even to the skilled cook.

Probably, after such revelations of the professional bartender who itself was engaged in all these affairs, to you will absolutely be ceased to want to go to bars and restaurants. But you shouldn't be disappointed finally. In our city still there were decent institutions in which you won't deceive, and will very tasty and qualitatively feed and will give to drink. And eventually, as the hero of our material Denis when you do the order speaks, it isn't necessary to strain and think that you will deceive. It is better to relax and derive pleasure, but thus and not to lose vigilance. Especially as practically about all ways of fraud we warned you, and it means - you aren't unarmed!


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