Combines and cranes on border appeared … tanks

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Yagodinsky customs officers withdrew party of accessories to the Russian tanks and BMP, cost over half a million hryvnias.

The director of one of private enterprises of Volhynia submitted to customs control at a check point "Yagodin" (Ukraine - the Polish site of frontier) documents for export from Ukraine of the general devices which are used in civil equipment and aren't subject to export control.

Goods, with a declared cost about 680 thousand UAH, the man planned to transport to the Czech Republic. However in the course of studying of documents customs officers paid attention that technical parameters of devices which would have to be established on combines, machines and cranes, have obviously military spirit.

Employees of Yagodinsky customs directed inquiry to certain army structures and found out: actually Volynyanin took out military accessories. In particular 125 units of VKU-1 (the rotating contact device for tanks T of-72 B-1, B); electromagnet of horizontal targeting of arms of the tank T of-72 B-1, B; electric motors of targeting of arms of BMP-2. Also the producer of arms - the enterprise from the city of Chelyabinsk of the Russian Federation was established.

How accessories to the Russian tanks came to be at the business owner from the Polesye remote place - will establish in court. After all military export of goods is carried out only behind Goseksportkontrol's permission of Ukraine.

On this fact the protocol on violation of customs rules under article 352 of the Customs code of Ukraine is made, technical devices are withdrawn, an additional inspection is carried out.

As reported a press - the center of the Public customs service.


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