How many haunts of vice know in the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies?

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Information on quantity and location of places of leisure and entertainments is published on the official website of the Nikolaev Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies. And it is possible to call these data if not strange, in any case, incomplete.

For example, in Nikolaev 11 billiards clubs, 6 bookmaker offices function.

Also in the city 23 game halls (computer games, slot machines) work only. However if to look at the city in reality, these game halls can be seen almost on each street, and not in only "copy". Thus concerning five points the type of service which is provided isn't specified absolutely not, and concerning six - contact phone number isn't specified.

It appears, in the city only 7 Internet cafes (considering that in "Real" they also are almost in every quarter). Thus on a site the address of finding of one of the Internet - clubs under the name "Flep" isn't specified.

Also Nikolaev "is rich" in 7 casinos. Thus concerning two institutions - "Babylon" and "Joker" - service which is provided by them isn't specified. Also telephone number of a casino "Joker" (difficultly to believe that phone there isn't present) isn't specified.

Thus in Nikolaev work 28 of "objects of public catering of high culture of service". Restaurants, bars, cafe mean. Too it is difficult to believe that in their semi-million Nikolaev only 28.

In the city there are also three night clubs: "California", "Colosseum 2000" and "Monarch". Lascivious California to watch online. Thus why - that some other night clubs - for example, "Storm" and "Delerium" isn't specified.

The head of department of the organization of trade, public catering, work of the markets and complexes of trade pavilions Yury Pererodov assured the correspondent of "News of N" that the list really incomplete. However, to explain why incomplete information is published on the website of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies, it too couldn't.

- I don't know who is engaged in a site. In the Internet information is dumped by all who feel like it, - Yury Pererodov told.

At least approximate figure, how many in Nikolaev on most - that business of "feeding troughs" where, as they say, any whim for our money, Yury Pererodov politely refused (it is visible, I was afraid to be mistaken).

But business here at all that to us, mere mortals, isn't known, how many "boxes" with machine guns and juggling bartenders "leave" at our expense. Time an information resource official, and information placed in it, has to be official. And that turns out that, it seems, the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies informs the population on something, but at the same time it becomes clear that informs not fully - that is submits not absolutely exact information.


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