Thanks to Mintranssvyaz "The delta - the pilot" will lose $3 million

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Criticizing "Ukrzaliznytsyu" for providing preferences to the private companies, Mintranssvyaz thus itself continues to distribute preferences to the private companies.

Since July 18, 2008 the ministry No. 771 order "About discount establishment to channel collecting which is raised from the vessels coming into the Nikolaev MTP for loading by oil products" came into force. The order is dated on June 26 and registered in Ministry of Justice on July 7.

The discount in 50% works till December 31, 2008 on condition of loading of oil products of not less than 2 million t a year with performance of quarterly volumes: The I quarter - 0,2 million t, II - 0,45 million t, III - 0,6 million t, IV - 0,75 million t. In case of schedule non-performance for the reporting periods, the discount for the next quarter isn't applied.

On April 17 on a site of Mintranssvyaz the draft of this order in the comment to which was published was declared: "The problem which is provided to solve the draft of the order, consists in need of providing for the Nikolaev sea trade port of competitive economic conditions in comparison with other ports of the Black Sea region concerning collection of channel collecting from oil vessels".

Transfer of oil products in port is carried out within cooperation with JSC Nikolayevnefteprodukt, more than 80 which % of actions belong to a number of the offshore companies (in particular, "Bishop Invest энд Finance Ink. ", "Kopland Industries", "Padmor Trading Ltd. ", "Dzharvin Trade энд Faynens of a building"), affiliated with Privat group.

It turns out that to Mintranssvyaz provided preference of the private company since anyway JSC Nikolayevnefteprodukt has the acquired freght traffic and about the competition to other ports the speech doesn't go.

As the chief of port Vasily Kapatsyna in the summer of 2006 declared in one of interview: "At this scheme of processing the port doesn't incur expenses in case of lack of cargo works, besides there is a possibility of use of the mooring for processing of other freght traffics therefore concerning stability of freght traffic of oil products the port has no fears. As JSC Nikolayevnefteprodukt the enterprise with the developed is import - export freght traffic, it allows to provide and prevent sharp fluctuations of the market due to interchangeability of streams of oil products".

And channel collecting receives state enterprise "The Delta — the Pilot" on which balance there is Bugsko - Dneprovsky the limansky channel. Granting a discount in 50% to channel collecting for this freght traffic will lead to short-reception by this enterprise of $2,5-3 million. And decrease in a transport component for only $2 obviously doesn't play any role for charterers (the share of channel collecting in the cost of a freight makes less than 2%) and cargo owners at present prices of oil products.

Practically all discounts settle at intermediaries and as practice shows, discounts in no way don't stimulate increase in freght traffic. Payment of collecting is made through the agency companies by shipowners who have certain contracts with charterers, and the last, in turn, have contracts with cargo owners. That is the choice of the port of loading or unloading doesn't depend on a carrier.

It is interesting that V. Kapatsyne is possible to lobby granting discounts when GP "The Delta — the Pilot" are headed by Alexander Golodnitsky. And the positive decision on providing preferences in many respects depends on a position of the director of this enterprise.

So, according to the Mintranssvyaz No. 99 order of 07.02.2006 for vessels with an osadka to 2 m transporting the Belarusian potash fertilizers till December 31, 2006 in general unique discounts were established. Depending on transportation volumes they made: 1-150 thousand tons - 75%, 151-200 thousand tons - 80%, 201-250 thousand tons - 85%, 251-300 thousand tons - 90%, 301 thousand tons and more - 95%.

At the annual volume of transfer in port of this freight in 1,2-1,3 million t it would be logical to provide a discount, beginning at least after 1 million t. However, in 2006 there was very convincing argument for stimulation of this freght traffic - Belarusians started reorienting it on Klaipeda.

And in a case with Nikolayev such scheme works. The discount is allegedly provided to shipowners, but contracts consist in advance on all logistic chain. The agency company raises an overall cost of port collecting from the shipowner, then lists them to port, and channel collecting GP "The Delta — the Pilot". In Nikolaev practically all agency business connect with V. Kapatsyna's name. And, at least, having received from the shipowner payments, the agency company can the sum 50%-й not return a discount to the shipowner. After all it is formally possible following the results of a quarter and not to execute the provided volumes for receiving a discount.

However, while interests "The delta - the pilot" won't suffer.Instead of provided for receiving a discount of 650 thousand tons of oil products in the first half of the year the Nikolaev MTP processed 418,1 thousand tons. It is improbable that for remained with small months more than 1,5 million t will be possible to process five.

Besides, this order once again shows level of preparation of documents in Mintranssvyaz. As it was already spoken, the project was published in the middle of April, signed at the end of June, but in one of order points near A.Golodnitsky's position there was a prefix of the deputy though he as is appointed two months the director.


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