Means from pension "equalization"

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The government of Ukraine since 2009 plans to enter multilevel system of provision of pensions. Then each legally working citizen will be obliged to postpone in the state Pension fund 7 - 9% of the salary, there, but in its solidary part - 2% and, at desire, to carry out additional accumulation in non-state pension funds. It is considered that after method introduction "unfolding of eggs in different baskets" grumble of poor Ukrainian citizens will cease.

That specifically in work of pension system doesn't satisfy representatives of different segments of the population, and what risks of introduction of the specified innovations - these questions were discussed at a "round" table in regional торгово - industrial chamber of the Nikolaev area.

The hired workers selling the work for money, are compelled to deduct monthly the essential sum earned in the Pension fund of the country. Thus people obviously know that in 30 years the size of their pension will be below a living wage.

Pensioners, and their 350 thousand in the Nikolaev area, coming for deserved rest, sharply worsen the financial position, and no wonder that a third from them works at "rest". Also "equalization" existing nowadays in charge of pensions revolts pensioners. With it those who throughout all life paid pension contributions to general "copper" are fairly dissatisfied and, as a result, received the same pension minimum, as those who all life didn't work.

The chief of head department of the Pension fund in the Nikolaev area Natalya Efremova is negative to existing system also, she calls the state surcharges "single payment", and the resolution - "having leveled - shy all pension system of the country".

Businessmen (in our area of their more than 40 thousand) survive the last 15 - 17 years as are able, without hoping to receive any guarantees or support from the state which economy they develop."In 5 - 7 years the generation of the business owners who worked in small and medium business all life and haven't received pension guarantees in large quantities will go to pension", - N. Efremova states.

And meanwhile, the budget deficit of the Pension fund in the Nikolaev area makes for today 40%. Money doesn't suffice even on already retired people …

Idea of creation of multilevel system of provision of pensions as the best exit from a crisis situation in the country, was defended by deputy director who has specially arrived from Kiev of an administrative center of the personified account Yury Burkov. Advantage of accumulative system, according to him, is possibility of relatives to inherit all saved-up sum in case of death of the pensioner. The existing pension system at which as the only insurance of the person his life serves can't brag of it, and she, speaks Yu. Burkov, is short: men after a retirement on the average live one year, and women - 7-8 years.

The priority in work of non-state pension funds is given to preservation and enhancement of purchasing power of money kept by them. If the money of people invested in the state funds, later tens years, receives without the occurred inflation, in stock market pension investments are increased by purchase of assets and growth of their cost. Scepticism of participants of a "round" table of that assets can "burn down", Yu. Burkov dispelled, having noted that non-state funds have the right to take shares only the enterprises with a stable financial position. Also they are obliged to adhere to the following restrictions: not to invest more than 5% of total amount of deposits and if it is the deposit, no more than 10% in one bank in one enterprise. Such method of distribution of money leads to reduction of the income of fund, but is safe for safety of the means entrusted by citizens.

Despite the fact that from 15-ти million able-bodied people 278 thousand people became participants of non-state pension funds for today only (generally people to 25-ти years), to new system of provision of pensions prophesy transformation from a brake in the engine of economic development. But that it occurred, understanding by society of need and inevitability of pension reform is important. The Ukrainian stock market has to be not only ready to absorb a powerful stream of investment means, but also to increase and in due time to return them.


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