The Nikolaev scientists - teachers thought up how to transport gas by sea

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Group of scientists of National university of shipbuilding of a name of the admiral Makarov (NUK) of Nikolaev together with Ivano's colleagues - Frankovsky National technical university of oil and gas (IFNTUNG) I developed the alternative project of transportation of natural gas by sea. It is that natural gas is transported in the squeezed state on specially converted the sudnakh - container carriers, reports UKRINFORM.

In Nikolaev this development the head of the department of sea technologies, the Doctor of Engineering, professor Vladimir Zaytsev directs.

"In country port - the exporter or the transitor natural gas compresses to 250 atmospheres and downloads to a vessel. Thus costs of the equipment and process of compression smaller in comparison with liquefaction. There is also no need to build special vessels as to transport the compressed gas it is possible on container carriers after their insignificant modernization", - V. Zaytsev told. According to scientists, the project provides that on a vessel the compressed gas is loaded into special containers. After arrival to port the container carrier is connected to coastal system and unloaded. Further gas is pumped over or in storage, or directly in the gas pipeline.

There is also other way of use of such container carrier: after arrival in port there is a standard procedure of unloading of containers. Further they can be transported by motor transport or the railroad.

Scientists took out four patents for the development. Computer researches are already conducted, is planned to begin natural tests.

By calculations of researchers, the cost of transportation by gas container carriers in the squeezed state to Ukraine will make nearly 60 dollars of Algeria for 1000 cubic meter.


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