Legally to leave for earnings, it is necessary to see the license and to sign the translated contract

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Today, 31-го July, in the Nikolaev regional center of employment I passed "a round table" during which journalists, sociologists and representatives of public organizations discussed the problems connected with migration of our domestic experts abroad in search of decent work.

How to be to people who behind search of decent work and compensations should go abroad? Where it is worth going on earnings where isn't present, and what conditions should be accepted and what it is better to refuse?

For youth which wishes to go to earnings abroad, educational seminars for the purpose of an explanation of nuances of work abroad are held. Such actions take place in several cities of Ukraine: except Nikolaev, Uzhgorod, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, Chernovtsy are involved. They pass with active participation of the Ukrainian PR-of league and with support of Embassy of the USA in Ukraine.

The main factor which pushes people to leave Ukraine, the chief of the center of employment Nikolay Vorona considers that the cost of products, the housing, necessary things in our state already practically answers the European prices, and the salary remains almost at former level. Respectively, compensation even highly qualified specialists sometimes many times is less than that payment which receives the same experts for the same work, for example, in Holland or Spain.

It was also noted that very often people leave abroad to earn more, than they could earn here, in the homeland, but not so dolce vita for which they hoped expects them there. Being citizens of Ukraine, in other country of people often it is deprived of civil rights, defenseless. In particular, cases when abroad people had to work for 16 hours per day when them there practically didn't feed (about worthy housing already were called and it isn't necessary to speak). But there were cases when the person really managed to achieve achievements in others state.

Abroad people should sign the contract which is stated in unclear language for them.And often foreign employers use that the person doesn't know language, so - will sign anything and will assume any obligations.

- The firm which ships people on earnings outward, has to have without fail the license, and the person has to see it personally, - the employee of the regional center of employment Natalya Petukhova told. - The contract has to be translated into the language clear to the person, and is notarized. If the firm of it didn't make, it violated license conditions. It involves consequences up to license deprivation.


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