The Nikolaev regional administration "filled up" the target Diabetes program - and people

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Statistically, diabetes in Ukraine about 10% of the population have. High social danger of this illness, annual progressing increase in number of the patients, which treatment constantly demands considerable financing from state and local budgets, defined relevance of a problem and caused carrying out by Audit Chamber audit in five areas of Ukraine is booked.

By results of the analysis and check of use of budgetary funds for ensuring treatment of patients with diabetes in the Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye, Odessa, Nikolaev and Kherson Board of Audit Chamber areas I noted that executives of the State Diabetes target program for 2009-2013, in particular the regional state administrations of the specified areas, didn't provide appropriate performance of the measures directed on treatment, diagnostics and prevention of this illness.

The incidence of insulin-dependent diabetes annually grows in the checked regions and in 2009 exceeded the all-Ukrainian indicators: in Kherson - for 22,1 percent, Dnepropetrovsk - for 18,6 percent, in Zaporozhye - for 12,3 percent.

Rates of distribution of incidence in 2009 advance the all-Ukrainian indicators in the Nikolaev area for 0,5 percent.

Mortality of patients with diabetes in Odesshchina more than twice exceeds average values across Ukraine.

One of the main reasons of such situation auditors call the direction of means of the state and local budgets generally on medicamentous providing patients. Tasks state and the regional programs providing development of prevention, diagnostics and treatment of patients by insulin-dependent diabetes, reduction of number of the complications resulting in disability and mortality, aren't carried out.

The board paid attention to that circumstance that expenses on implementation of the Diabetes program are formed not by Ministry of Health, and the Ministry of Finance.I carried out determination of the size of means which are considered in local budgets for performance of actions of the Ministry of Finance program individually, certain MZ and health care regional managements need for such means thus wasn't considered.

The Ministry of Finance didn't finance in 2008 the expenses planned in the state budget on the centralized purchase of the equipment and the software for creation and support programmatically - the hardware complex "State Register of Patients with Diabetes" in the sum of 15 million UAH and didn't provide such expenses for 2009-2010. It led to non-performance of one of the main tasks of the State target program on fight against diabetes - the effective system of registration, the account and the subsequent escort of patients as the register of patients isn't created by diabetes isn't entered.

Registers existing for today in areas are imperfect, are conducted formally and don't provide carrying out long monitoring of a state of health of patients.

Management of health care of the checked five areas was planned by actions for treatment of patients by diabetes and determined the amounts of financing in the absence of authentic data on number of patients, on requirement for necessary drugs. In 2009 it led to accumulation of the remains of insulin (almost semi-annual need for drugs) for the sum of 45,7 million UAH, in particular in the Dnepropetrovsk area of 19,2 million UAH, Odessa - 8,5 million UAH, Kherson - 7,2 million UAH, Zaporozhye - 6,5 million UAH and Nikolaev - 4,3 million hryvnias.

At the same time in separate medical institutions of these regions the need for preparations of insulin was satisfied only partially therefore drugs bought at the expense of additional resources of local budgets. And which - where sick diabetes was necessary to buy preparations at own expense. For example, to Belgorod - Dnestrovsk Odessa region in 2009 the need for insulin at the expense of the budget was satisfied only for 60,7 percent that testifies about inefficient management of budgetary funds.

"The reason not in shortage of means, and system of the organization of process of performance of the State program, - the chairman of Audit Chamber Valentin Simonenko noted. - Why means are distributed by the Ministry of Finance, instead of MZ? Why MZ creates nine years the register of patients, and it still isn't present? Time to break this system of irresponsibility".

Total amount of the established violations of the current legislation when purchasing works and services for budgetary funds, planning of expenses, reporting formation, by results of check by Audit Chamber of implementation of the Diabetes program in five areas, as a whole made 31,4 million hryvnias, reports a press - service of Audit Chamber.


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