The salary of the Nikolaev men in all fields of activity is more, than at women

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According to Head department of statistics in the Nikolaev area in the first half of the year 2010 the number of permanent members of staff of the enterprises and their divisions numbering hired workers of 10 and more people made 241,5 thousand people, 129,5 thousand made of them the woman and 112 thousand - the man. The structure working in area testifies to prevailing number of working women who make 53,6% of the average number of the permanent members of staff occupied in economy of area.

In some types of economic activity prevalence of number of women over men is essential. So, in the sphere of health care and providing the social help the share of women makes 81,6% (from the average number of permanent members of staff of this kind of activity), hotel and restaurant business - 81%, education - 75,2%, financial activity - 71,3%. And, on the contrary, in types of economic activity which remain traditionally man's spheres of application of work, the specific weight of men remains considerable: construction - 79,8%, forestry and the related services - 69,5%, agriculture - 65,3%, the industries - 63,2%, transport and communication - 60,8%.

For January - June, 2010 the salary of women on area averaged 1740,39 UAH, and for 25,9% lagged behind a salary of men (2349,85 UAH).

In all types of economic activity earnings of women were lower, than at men.

Significantly below compensation of women in comparison with earnings of men is recorded in transport and communication - for 1404,33 UAH (for 40,1%), financial activity - for 1114,92 UAH (for 28,3%), the industries - for 982,19 UAH (for 32,6%), fish breeding, fishery - for 398,58 UAH (for 23%), trade; car repairs, household products and subjects of personal consumption - for 388,24 UAH (for 23,1%).

However, it should be noted that insignificant lag from a salary of men was noted in earnings of the women occupied in forestry and the related services - for 1,2%, in operations with real estate, rent, engineering and rendering services to businessmen - for 2,2%, in education - for 3%, in public administration - for 3,1%, in the organizations of health care and providing the social help - for 6,1%, and also in the enterprises providing municipal and individual services; engaged in activity in the culture and sports sphere - for 7,9%.


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