Currency deception: beware of swindlers in exchange offices!

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High level of dollarization of the Ukrainian economy compels almost each inhabitant of Ukraine to address to services of changes. Exactly there danger also can trap the client.

It would seem, all officially, and for a dirty trick there is no place to wait. Eventually, the speech after all goes not about citizens with running eyes and a pack of banknotes in the hands which are importunately offering an exchange at the rate, more for you favorable, than in "obmenka". However and in point of an exchange of the client can trap danger.

1. Deception: to you will exchange currency at the rate below, than it is specified on point plate. If you turn on this attention of the cashier - at her already and "excuse" is ready: ah, the course changed in the morning, and I simply didn't manage to replace its value on a sign.

Protection: ask for the cashier and attentively read the order of the management of bank under the agreement with which point, about establishment of value of an exchange rate works for today.

2. Deception: you stretch the note in a window, and the cashier returns it with words "So it at you false! ". Certainly, to you returned not your note, and really false, prepared in advance.

Protection: before handing over banknotes in a window, copy their numbers, and then in case of claims from the cashier demand YOUR banknotes. It is useful to watch also through a window hands of the cashier - that she couldn't change your note for the false.

3. Deception: before giving out you exchange currency, the cashier defiantly recalculates it at you in the eyes and dexterous movement throws a pile of banknotes into a window tray. At the trained swindler some banknotes jump aside from a wall of a tray and come back to it. You quietly take money from a tray and leave - after all it just on your eyes counted them! And the cashier takes away to himself remained "production".

Deception option: tray bottom from the cashier grease with a honey or jam droplet that at least one note stuck to a bottom and I didn't fall you into hands.

Protection: surely count the notes received from a window. Thus check, whether the cashier to you in a pack enclosed the damaged banknote, - you will have an array of problems with its "realization". In passing won't prevent to check money for authenticity too:see banknotes on light, перещупайте hands in search of protection elements. Also don't pay attention to the indignant shouts from the turn, being distributed behind your back: if you lose here vigilance, anybody to you won't replace then the "bad" note.

There is more: check the received money before a window, in the face of the cashier, differently any your claim is accepted not
will be.

Demand from the cashier the receipt that in case of the conflict or misunderstanding to avoid from its party of reaction like "and I not I, and not my hut". Study the received receipt, check date of issue, a look and quantity of the exchanged currency, existence of the name of the businessman, a stamp and the signature of the cashier.

It is best of all to change currency in bank. It though more long and the course not such favorable, however nevertheless is quieter and more reliable. Especially so far as concerns the large sum. However, and here attentiveness and care won't prevent.


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