The Gosgorpromnadzor suspended work of 85 grain stores

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In the Nikolaev area, as a result of checks of a security status and working conditions by preparation and during carrying out harvesting, for the found violations work of 85 grain stores is suspended. 56 workers are brought to administrative responsibility, 16 of which first heads.

The territorial administration of the Gosgorpromnadzor in the Nikolaev area carried out 27 target inspections as a part of regional mobile groups. During work 796 violations legislative were revealed and is standard - the pravovikh of acts from labor protection, therefore the forbidden operation of 299 cars, mechanisms and the equipment.

When checking elevators it was revealed that adjustment and test of the aspiration installations, absent protocols with results of checks, repair graphics, technical data sheets on aspiration networks on Kazankovsky and Snigirevsky elevators isn't carried out. Not on all elevators there are passports of explosion protection, a platform of designs which easily collapse fire and explosion hazardous rooms, don't meet standards. Not on all types of ladle elevators vzryvorazryadnik (JSC Prometey, JSC Yavlinsky elevator) are established. Not all elevators have the relay of control of speed on the noriyakh and tape conveyors.

Heads of the agricultural enterprises allow to work workers who didn't pass instructing in labor protection and training. Mechanisms without protective protections, and as tractor without elektrostarterny start of the engine from a cabin and without interlock of start of the engine are used at transfer inclusion.


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