20 most mysterious companies of Ukraine

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They have no web - sites, and about them you won't read in the press. Some have even no office. Nevertheless, last year each of these companies earned more than billion hryvnias. What it for the companies - billionaires and to whom they belong?

The rating of the companies which last year showed the milliard income but while are a little known to general public is made. Interest is caused by questions on what earn such companies and who stands behind them.

The "Share Technologies and Investments" company appeared the leader of a rating according to the income. She obtained the license only at the end of 2006, however in 2007 the income of the company reached more than 9 billion hryvnias. It wasn't succeeded to learn about the reasons of such high income directly from the company management. The enterprise is registered to the address: Kiev, Svyatoshinskaya Square, house 1, quarter 272. However, besides it, in this apartment "live" ten more companies of various fields of activity, among them the company "Vinner Soft", "Falcon Brock", "Tep Unitek", "Inzhbudproyekt", "Budinvest — the Capital" and others.

Public information on the "Share Technologies and Investments" company has some. It was succeeded to learn that the enterprise possesses 49% of the Odessa insurance company "Mir" which mainly is engaged in insurance of baggage and freights, and the company on life insurance "Veralayf". However any of these enterprises couldn't bring in such incomes. "World" received in 2007 only 50,3 million hryvnias of insurance payments, thus level of payments at the company makes only 3,5%. Such indicator for the market company is very low is inherent in circuit insurance companies more. Considering that the "layfovy" companies in the Ukrainian market aren't strongly developed yet, the Veralayf insurance company also couldn't provide such level of profitability.

Financial "butterflies"

In a rating of "modest billionaires" finance companies occupy the lion's share. Though they declare trade in securities as a primary activity, that is on what the milliard income was earned, not always such companies are public dealers on securities market.For example, about what operations performed the Prosperiti — Finance company which has gained in 2007 income more than 7 billion hryvnias, it wasn't succeeded to learn. It is known only that financial establishment obtained the license for trade in securities in April, 2007, and in June, 2008 the license of the enterprise was cancelled by State commission on securities because the enterprise was declared bankrupt.

How at such income the enterprise received more than billion hryvnias of net loss?

The similar situation developed with the Finance MDM company which didn't manage to work also year on securities market. Registered in April, 2007, it declared more than 5 billions income then at the beginning of 2008 it was declared bankrupt and lost the license.

Most petrotraders


The companies toplivno - the energy sector without exaggeration gain the highest income. For example, "VKF "3 KOHM" enters a company field of activity wholesale trade in fuel, and also food. The director of the company Vladimir Shevchenko refused flatly to communicate with the correspondent of "BUSINESS".

On a request to tell about the activity, and also about the reasons for which the enterprise gained such income, Shevchenko burst out laughing and reported that he can't give such comments. About the company it was succeeded to learn only that at the beginning of 2007 to it the individual mode of licensing from - for violations in foreign economic activity was applied. Same year as reported at the enterprise, VKF "3 KOHM" was renamed into "the Factor - Eksim".

And here information on the "West Gas Prom Investment Service" company (it is wholesale - retail trade in oil products), which gained income in the sum of 3,8 billion hryvnias, didn't manage to be found at all.

It is interesting that two petrotraders working with "Ukrtatnafta" entered our rating at once. The Novoil company connected with Russian "Tatneft", from May to September of last year realized in domestic market of oil products for the sum of 1,28 billion hryvnias. The Taiz company which also entered a rating of the most profitable companies, delivered oil on "Ukrtatnafta". And I declared goods as released from the taxation.

The Vick — Oil company is engaged in wholesale of gasoline and diesel fuel, often participates in tenders for delivery of wholesale parties.At the beginning of last year she won the tender for supply of gasoline for the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine on 18 million hryvnias. One more contract "Vick — Oil" was signed with the Dnepropetrovsk company "Interoil". Probably, fuel business didn't make the company profit - losses following the results of a year made 4,7 million hryvnias.

If to consider indicators of profitability of other petrotraders, the conclusion - whether unprofitable this business arises, to trade in gasoline? Judging by indicators of the net profit, many companies of oil and gas sector hardly make ends meet, and some yield huge losses to the owners. For example, Novoil company losses in 2007 made more than 100 million hryvnias, "Nafto - the Credit Investment" - more than 30 million hryvnias, and the company VKF "3 KOHM" lost more than 10 million hryvnias on operations with oil products.

The director general of the UPECO company Sergey Kuyun explains such situation to that many companies such are used for "white" optimization of taxes when importing fuel. "Very few the large oil companies which assume directly all tax assignments, as a rule, for these purposes they create so-called "satellites" - Kuyun tells. According to him, there are also cases when the companies assume optimizing function, in particular as scandal over "Ukrtatnafta" showed it.

Income on products

Food and agriculture bring in stable high incomes for owners. Thus they bring though small, but stable profits. For example, in 2007 of DP "Barzhovaya Company" gained income more than 2 billion hryvnias, thus I earned 29,5 million. The enterprise is included into structure of the international company Cargill International, and was created specially for grain export abroad. Despite problems in 2007, connected with restriction with the government of export of grain, indicators of the company improved more than on 500 million hryvnias (the income for 2006 - 1,5 billion hryvnias).

The Ornatus company is engaged in wholesale and retail trade in sugar, a flour, meat and other food. This enterprise - one of ten, entering the Kharkov trade group Target, under control Vladislava Protasa. One more company entering into this structure - Prank firm gained income in the size of 2,7 billion hryvnias last year.The Target group represents itself a network from four supermarkets and shopping center "Electronics House", and also more than 20 wholesale bases. At the enterprise don't hurry to share secrets of the success. On a request to tell in more detail about work of these companies, one of managers of the company declared: "I have to get permission for such interview at owners of the company".


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