In Nikolaev there was a "mirror" butterfly

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In the Garden of butterflies which is in the territory of the Nikolaev zoo, there was a new species of butterflies - the South American morphs. These are the most brilliant butterflies in the world. Scientists claim that gloss of their wings is visible at kilometer distance.

- They as small mirrors if to look at them from distance, - the owner of a garden of butterflies Oleg Oslovsky tells. - Also in a garden there were new species of butterflies from South America. In total in pavilion about one hundred butterflies flies.

Also pride of an exhibition the owner calls butterflies - a ptitsekrylok. These are one of the most rare and valuable species in the world, collectors consider. Often wingspan of representatives of this look reaches 25 centimeters. Our visitors, of course, won't see such giants as they are forbidden to be taken out from many countries and, respectively, such "dolls" very expensive.

The pavilion started working with a garden of butterflies of Oleg Oslovsky three years ago in our zoo. Since that moment the owner constantly brings all new species of butterflies that nikolayevets and city visitors could see flitting exotic insects.

- Till 1995 I worked as a miner - the surveyor, - Oleg Oslovsky tells. - I began, of course, from lifeless insects, slowly I collected a collection, I went to special expeditions. Then I started parting in terrariums of live scorpions, palochnik, spiders. Well, and the highest "a development step" is a cultivation of tropical butterflies. The idea of creation of the Garden of butterflies in Nikolaev in which it is possible to look as they eat as behave in natural flight, was so interesting that I decided to realize it.

There was this dream still in the middle of 90-x years after Oleg visited Malaysia at "enterprise" for cultivation of tropical butterflies on the area about 2000 square meters. In a native habitat Malaysians do "open-air cages", from above which the grid is tense. Thus, these winged "miracles" of the nature freely fly. Oleg Oslovsky saved ten years means to create something similar in Ukraine.

Such exhibitions - rearing cages are very popular in the South and North America and Europe. In Ukraine before recent time the similar exhibition was only in Kiev.


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