In most R. Goroyan doesn't forget "a heat of operations" about public relations

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In most that on is, a heat of operations unpredictable Raphael Goroyan spent almost family holiday - solemnly congratulated kids who were born in one day with it. That it, Raphael: such cunning public relations - a course?

- What does it have to do with one to another? ! I in general very much love holidays, with the great pleasure I give gifts. Action about which there is a speech, I conceived long ago, even long before "war". Simply I waited for registration of the nominal charity foundation, respectively, the birthday.

- So in what an essence and sense of this action?

- I want that it became annual tradition: to congratulate children who were born in Nikolaev on June 25. I'm lucky: this year many kids - 25 were born especially, usually newborn in the city happen 15, at most, 20 in a day.

I invited young mummies to a holiday to myself in office - not at once, of course, and approximately in a month when they will better feel. Unfortunately, all managed to come not are other kids we will look for and congratulate at home.

All will receive memorable certificates from Raphael Goroyan's Charity foundation and monetary gifts - one thousand hryvnias.

It would be desirable to contact further to these kids, to participate in their destiny. After all under the sign of the Cancer, on myself I know, people difficult, with high potential are born. I will be glad if I manage to help these children to realize myself.

- And under what signs your own children were born?

- The senior, Robert, - the Capricorn, younger, David, - the Lion. By the way, so coincided what exactly to Birthday younger we and spent this holiday - to it year was executed. In October we with the wife Christina expect the birth of one more son.

- If it is possible, a private matter: how there are your relations with the eldest son - he after all was born at you in first marriage?

- Question personal, sick, but I will answer: recently to me don't allow to communicate with the son.The relations with the former spouse became intense how … my conflicts to prosecutor's office became aggravated! Interesting communication, truth?

We got divorced, as well as many other people, not easy, with mutual offenses. Natalya then even in a fit of temper addressed with complaints to me in law enforcement agencies. But to it it was refused - business had under itself no bases.

Now militiamen found for it, exposed the family conflicts of three - five-year prescription, intimidated the woman as they are able to do it, and forced to write the application. It is nervous, too it is necessary the son hardly.

Really in war with the "inconvenient" businessman all methods what it is possible to speculate with women and children if only to put upon me moral pressure are so good? I, frankly speaking, don't understand it.

- By the way, about pressure. The other day on all fixed assets of mass information it was offered - for money, naturally, - a material of Tatyana Fabrikova exposing you. What do you think of it?

- Bad I don't want to tell anything about Tatyana - not in my principles to be at war with the woman. Probably, it had any very strong circumstances from what others have told to repeat falsism. I have nothing to justify.

But soon I am ready if to be necessary, publish all documents and on this, quick the thought-up situation, and in any other occasion. They it is more convincing than emotions and empty charges. There is nothing to hide to me, I don't break the law and I want to work honestly. If only didn't disturb.

For now - once again I congratulate all young parents and those who only is going to become them. Be not afraid to give birth to children is the most great happiness and only in it there is a sense. Everything that we do in life, only for the sake of children. And - for them.


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