As I looked for highly paid work, and it was at office for prostitutes

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I decided to earn by summer of money. But so that there is a lot of and at once. Also I moved in show - business - model wanted to become. I bought newspapers, I found vacancy - girls of model appearance, a salary of $5000 a month are required. Not bad. I had telephone interview "perfectly well": age, growth, parameters - everything arranged. "You can not send photos, - the interlocutor presented by Alexander told me. - Approach in office, we will look at you".

On the same day I arrived to the specified address. Office in the downtown, on Bessarabskaya Square. Bronedveri, a video camera on an entrance. The girl in underwear opened to me and asked to pass in a drawing room. Me asked, whether I worked earlier. "No, - I honestly answered. - But in camp I won the competition "Ms. Ukrainka". "And what do you think of sex? " Here me started reaching what to work to me offer not absolutely model. But curiosity got the best. I solved if that, I tell, doesn't arrange the work schedule. For me asked to wait a certain Roza and to drink coffee.


The office is similar to the inhabited apartment - in each of three rooms huge beds, it is a lot of mirrors, a smart marble bathtub. From equipment - a microwave and the audio system. "Metushnya" in a drawing room reminded me morning in a female hostel - little girls go in towels or underwear, change cosmetics and think that to them to put on. Discuss the general clients who from girls bought the apartment or the car, on credit or at once. Amazingly, in time, which I there carried out - and these are about 6 hours - to any didn't call and at all didn't send the SMS. Girls only asked, as my name is. The name "Lena" suggested to replace with something more original, for example, Eleonora.

Office at them call "base". In total at this office of 12 bases, and all in the capital center. The office considers itself "as the monopolist in the market of trade in bodies in Kiev". Bases call on serial numbers. At everyone - the driver and "official car".The office on Bessarabka appeared "base No. 7". Here 8 girls some of them work - also live. However as to them it works well - a riddle. Work doesn't stop neither in the afternoon, nor at night. If the girl has a rest, but there arrived the client, her will politely ask to pass on kitchen to drink to tea. Here two girls arrived from daily orders and remained to work for the night - there is nobody more. Among them - three of Uzbekistan. It is a lot of from the Ukrainian provinces. It is few inhabitants of Kiev. Some zaochnitsa, one girl from a hospital - I arrived to Kiev to study from Poltava region, and the grant doesn't suffice. All have any eyes pathetic.


In half an hour for me asked to wait a little more - the Rose is late, it has problems. Girls with might and main discussed loss of two "colleagues". One left to transfer $200 for the next base and didn't return.

"To leave it not a reason, - spoke girls. - It still didn't take away a salary. And I left things". Other girl didn't come to work, switched-off phone. On conversations it was clear that such it happens quite often, but for everyone worry. Her could kill, rape, or, even worse, she could "hand over office to cops". Of the last are afraid more. Therefore the client before arrival is obliged to call back.

To girls paid out a wages for previous day. On the average - on 250-500 hryvnias. Now it became clear why they smoke cheap "Glamour", use domestic cosmetics. One bought linen for 1000 hryvnias, so at it looked, how at the madwoman.


Closer to the 8th evening clients started calling. The dispatcher (girls sometimes call her "mummy") praised highly the workers: "All girls beautiful, young. We offer oral and classical sex with a condom. The first hour we have a rest for 540 hryvnias, everyone the subsequent - 430". Generally regular customers who ask "familiar girls" use services.

In half an hour process began I "will eat". Working girls in the center of the room make eyes at the client, the others - stand slightly at some distance. After a choice the client pays off with mummy - with the dispatcher and retires with the girl to the neighboring room. Order girls and on the Internet - a site. After a choice of the desired beauty on a photo send sмs with its number. In some hours the girl will be in your apartments.

Where - that in three hours of expectation (at the beginning of the tenth evening) I asked to come later, for example, next day. But me any more didn't release: "Don't worry, to 11 precisely Roza will come".Thus darted sidelong glances, suggested to stay overnight and in general today to start working. It seemed to me that my posherstili bag - things were not on the svikh places. It was succeeded to ask for leave only to have a bite - and that not itself, and with working girls - with Dayana and Dinara. Previously wrote down my number, whether having checked real it. Having come with Dayana into small restaurant opposite, I left it alone with salads, itself having decided to choose us the second. Without delaying, I left through other entrance. After that I was called time by hundred, it was necessary to switch off simply for some days phone.


Zhanna, 30 years: "I graduated from school and understood that I have no place to go. Before I lived and studied in a boarding school - I have no parents. And where to me still to move, without education, without support? To me it is heavy, but it is an exit for strong - weak simply would hang. First I worked "for the uncle". Now "I filled clients", it became a little easier. When 10 years ago I stepped into this way, everything wasn't so frank. But now I at least am able to afford more - less normal life, the modest apartment and food. I very much want to warn girls, by naivety considering that it easy and gives good money. It is a lie. Besides risky and dangerously. To live with understanding that you are a prostitute, it is very heavy".

Lera, 25 years: "In the beginning I worked as the waitress, then the stripper. Now the girl on a call. I don't consider myself fallen or humiliated - those men who are compelled to use our services are humiliated. Means, at them not everything is so good with wives, it can't find to itself(himself) the normal woman. They are embittered, but to put such into place - it is a duck soup. They have to be grateful to me. For me it simply work in the evenings. And in the afternoon I work at office where nobody knows, than I am engaged - I start preparing for pension. But it is very heavy physically. I already forgot when normally I got enough sleep".


According to the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, for the end of 2007 in Kiev 4 thousand prostitutes were registered. The age of women varies from 15 to 50 years. Every fifth - the minor, but insists that it is at least 18 years old. "Overripe" an escort - the girl - is more senior than 30 years. The price of hour of services of the girl on a call - from 200 to 1000 hryvnias.

Works in Kiev girls, visitors from the Kharkov, Donetsk, Lugansk, Volynsk areas much. The reasons which push them to trade in a body - unemployment, poverty, lack of education.It is a lot of girls from dysfunctional families.

In our country prostitution is forbidden and involves administrative responsibility (according to article 181 of the Code about administrative offenses, occupation by prostitution means a penalty in the amount of 5 to 10 tax-free minima, at repeated detention - from 8 to 15 minima). However for the last years it wasn't opened high-profile cases about the organized activities for human trafficking. As a rule, prostitutes, detainees one by one, pay a penalty and continue to work further.


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