73 inhabitants of Nikolayevshchina this year suffered from stings of animals, rabid

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Today in the Nikolaev area 44 cases of rage among animals are established, last year for their all year was 43.

The doctor epidemiologist Nikolayevskoy reported about it regional sanitarno - epidemiological station (department of especially dangerous infections) Fedor Nemtsev. According to him, rage cases among animals occur constantly. Most often sick animals die, sometimes them lull.

According to the doctor, for the last half a year with the complaint to a sting of an animal in hospitals of area 1 558 people addressed. From them 1 296 were bitten by known animals. The others 348 victims were bitten by unknown, vagrant. It is established that 73-ех people were bitten by mad animals. All 348 bitten were appointed lechebno - preventive inoculations a course to six days.

The course of such inoculations costs 240 hryvnias. If doctors appoint to the victim immunoglobulin, then treatment will cost 980 UAH. To provide a duty of physicians to victims treatment it is free, at the expense of money from the local budget.

The incubatory period of an illness lasts about 15 days. If during this period not to begin treatment, and the person or an animal nevertheless gets sick, the lethal outcome is inevitable.

Last year, for all year, 2 798 people asked for the help physicians after stings of animals, 535 inoculations were appointed, 101 sick animals bit.

The doctor epidemiologist Fedor Nemtsev notes that more than fifty percent of the bitten people provoked an animal.

- Approached on the street to stroke, tried to feed or threatened. Badly very much also that many owners of the favourites will walk in public places without muzzles. But the most important for the person always to remember that if you were bitten by a cat, a dog, rodents or bats, it is necessary to ask for the help in hospital. In our area, unfortunately, there was a case when with rage the person fell ill. In 2002 of the eight-year-old boy the vagrant cat bit on the street. Then parents of the child didn't ask for the help physicians, to the boy the special course lechebno - preventive inoculations wasn't appointed, he fell ill with hydrophobia and died.

Among a set of virus diseases rage is considered one of the most dangerous.This illness is known since 2300 B.C. And still there is no effective way to cure it. The virus gets to blood of the person after a sting a sick animal. Animals and people infected with a rage virus are doomed to death if clinical signs were already shown.


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