In Nikolayevshchina "conjure" with "the Black Sea Pearl" - development model туристско - a recreational complex

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In Chernomork's settlement of the Ochakov area, on the basis of the improving Pearl complex under Alexey Garkusha's predsedatelstvovaniye passed organizational meeting on creation of investment model of development туристско - a recreational complex of the Black Sea coast of the Nikolaev area "Black Sea Pearl".

Nikolayevshchina has powerful the historian - cultural and prirodno - recreational potential for development of modern tourist infrastructure. However, from - for lack of comprehensive planning and studying of territories туристско - the recreational complex of area is insufficiently presented today in the national and international tourist markets, as a uniform segment of an economic complex of area and the country. Development of resort zones is carried out on a spontaneous basis according to temporary schemes and doesn't provide the complex solution of the main problems and statist use of lands of recreational and resort appointment.

Activity of the private sector not everywhere legalizuyemy. Any of kurortno - recreational zones has no concepts of the master plan of development, questions of a drainage system, reliable water supply and complex service aren't settled. Only some of improving institutions work over real updating of material resources and broad informing on the activity. Stocks of medical dirt in Tiligulsky and Bekushsky estuaries didn't find the application. It isn't fulfilled only approach to development of available resort resources between executive authorities, local government and subjects of housekeeping. The transport infrastructure is characterized by the low capacity and insufficiency, low quality of a roadbed on the main routes, insufficient quantity of parkings and stops.

The Black Sea Pearl project sets before itself a strategic objective - formation of new image of the region - "Nikolayevshchina - the territory attractive to tourism and rest".

Implementation of the project has to solve social problems of a recreational complex, such as small efficiency of use of existing natural resources, low employment of the population in the resort business, missing quantity of workplaces, uneven distribution and placement of vacationers, pollution of sea water and a coastal strip, potentially small number of receipt of funds in budgets of all levels.

Prime measures for implementation of the concept "Black Sea Pearl" provide that during 2008-2009 the coordinating body will be created, inventory of lands, the analysis of lease contracts and social partnership, peredproyektny works is made, it is provided to begin works on building of objects of infrastructure, on preparation and personnel professional development.

Throughout the second stage (2010-2011) it is planned to construct objects kurortno - recreational appointment, to strengthen a shore, to carry out work on reconstruction of transport and engineering infrastructure, to renew the centers of the historian - a cultural heritage due to attraction of different forms of investments.

The third stage (2011-2012) provides completion of building of unfinished objects, completion of modernization of objects of infrastructure, development and carrying out complex cultural - entertaining actions in the territory туристско - a recreational zone, carrying out advertizing maintenance of the Black Sea Pearl complex".

Implementation of the Black Sea Pearl program will give the chance:

- to raise use level balneologichno - medical factors of the Black Sea zone;

- to create conditions for full improvement and rest over 200 thousand persons at the same time (from them 7 thousand children);

- to increase the budgetary receipts at least to 300 million hryvnias till 2012;

- to keep the historian - the architectural environment at the same time with creation modern kurortno - recreational infrastructure;

- to create about 2 thousand new workplaces;

- to improve socially - an economic situation on the coast of the Nikolaev area. And the main thing - really to transform туристско - a recreational complex of area to priority branch.

Heads of all interested managements of the Nikolaev regional state administration made a speech at meeting.

As a result of discussion legal decisions which put for the purpose in details to fulfill a question of inventory of potential туристско - a recreational zone were made. Implementation of these decisions will allow to develop until the end of the current year the regional long-term program "Development туристско - a recreational complex of the Black Sea coast of the Nikolaev area "Black Sea Pearl" which will be submitted for consideration of regional council.


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