The bronze prize-winner of the Olympic Games Ilya Kvasha – about friendship in sports, a dope - tests and many other

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When I communicate with our Nikolaev athletes who managed to achieve good results in the sports, any more the first time to me happens to note their modesty and a spontaneity. Same there was also Ilya Kvasha - the titled Nikolaev diver who with pleasure agreed to communicate to the correspondent of "N News". Our meeting took place in the water Aquarius complex where twelve years the Olympian trains.

In sports didn't want to take - thought, strongly big …

- Ilya when it became known, what the Olympic medal at you in hands, what you felt?

- I was overflowed by feeling of pleasure, delight and the most important - pride of the country and of the city. Well, and for the sports, naturally.

- And how you, in general, started being engaged in this sport?

- In eight years mother brought me on a diving. Didn't want to take at first. Told, strongly big …

- How it? Eight years - and already big?

- No, not on age, and on dimensions, on growth. Then the trainer, Gomenyuk Sergey Nikolaevich, took me for a trial period - month. Well, this month was tightened for twelve years. Already I gave more than a half of the life to these sports.

- And when it became clear, what you are capable to reach good results?

- Me simply took, I started progressing, well, and decided me to leave. And the first notable success came in 2003 - m to year when I the first time won "youthful Europe", in category of boys of 14-15 years. Then already all were convinced that there are prospects and is over what to work.

- On Olimpiyskakh Igrakh - that he, in general, gives such impressive result?

- Your name becomes higher, is more honourable. Judges treat you more loyally. Because if you young and you nobody knows, judges always judge strictly. All pass through it athletes who reached something. And if you already have a name if you where - that "were lit", already name helps you to win.

- With whom from known athletes you got acquainted in Beijing?

- Yes I, in principle, with anybody so especially didn't communicate.At athletes who are engaged in other sports, the trainings, the schedule, the circle of contacts. I know practically all from our national team. These Olympic Games were very amicable. Instead of being the rivals, all team grabbed the friend the friend, were ill, worried. Even if not on arenas, on TV. Sat in the Internet - clubs, looked.

- You won "bronze" in synchronous jumps. Why in single jumps it didn't develop?

- There was very strong competition. And I it is a little unsuccessful, slightly - slightly I greased a jump - and it at once "removed me". I didn't have only ten points to reach the final. It was very offensive for me. It turned out so that in "single" I took 15-ое a place. Well, there so everything is dense, it is impossible what to be mistaken. Slightly I was mistaken - everything, already I didn't pass further.

Could check on a dope at any time …

- How you think, what gives big-time sports to mankind? The science gives new inventions, technologies and what brings to people sports?

- It unites all countries and promotes friendship between the people. It is possible and so to speak. I, in principle, don't know, how in other sports. But at us everything is very amicable - mutual support, mutual understanding. We communicate with children from other countries.

- And you never thought of what the Olympic Games turned into medicine competitions - at someone better medicine in the country, at someone more coolly a dope?

- (Laughs) Well, it doesn't belong to our look. Perhaps, certainly, it partially is present at swimming. Because there it is valid without the use something, on own especially you won't come up health. (Smiles) Well, you saw the Olympic Games, you saw American Phelps. Eight gold medals. If the person sets up a world record, in twenty minutes comes, sets up one more record of the world … I don't think that at it to such an extent health suffices. I think, put here not only in health...

- And among the Nikolaev athletes were such which caught on a dope?

- Among Nikolaev - No. Our athletes count only on themselves, instead of on preparations any there. But so, certainly, not everywhere …

- And how you checked?

- Me checked in the European championship. At the Olympic Games checked my partner Alexey Prigorov. He from Kharkov, but trains many years in Nikolaev. Many years we jump together. So it developed that here he practically lives.

- And how these pass a dope - tests?

- It is standard procedure to which any athlete can be subjected. The person take away with the doctor of team. Also urine sample is taken at it. And then within a week the result is given.

- And it is the truth, what you awoke at night, lifted to take sample on a dope?

- Well, it didn't concern us, and in general there were such situations. In the anti-doping center on us there was a plan, почасово - that is, every day we traced, controlled where we are as as that at any time could find us. Could come to three o'clock in the morning, check you on a dope, could at five o'clock in the morning, at nine o'clock in the evening. At any time. It is necessary to be always ready.

- And what sports it concerned most of all? What at us the most "doping" athletes?

- Most of all under suspicion there is a track and field athletics. We in general had a scandal world when Blonskaya caught on a dope It is a pity, certainly (with grief).

"I won't leave Nikolaev anywhere"

- You are 20 years old. You where - that study?

- In Nikolaevsk university of Sukhomlinsky, at faculty of physical culture. Now I passed on 4-й a course. I study on a hospital.

- After the end of study by whom you will be?

- I at first want to graduate from this university, then to arrive in other educational institution where it is possible to get an education, more approximate to real life that after sports to be demanded.

- And "more approximate to real life" is you that you mean?

- Well, prospect to work as any games-master where - that there at school - not the best option. To be the athlete and to perceive this kind of activity as work (and, respectively, to receive for it money) is it is necessary to go abroad. And to work as the trainer for us … It doesn't justify itself. Especially, ten years it is necessary to wait while children will grow up and will start showing any results.

- And you offers arrived where - that to leave, leave Nikolaev or the country and to remain where - that, but not here?

- There were offers to America to leave. On - to mine, the State of Indiana. But I so, in words it was told …

- And who offered?

- Well, to me the letter came to the postal address with the invitation earlier. But I didn't react to it.And already directly at the Olympic Games our swimmer who studies in America approached to me, and reported that the head coach of the United States of America talked to him, and very much wanted that I moved to America to study, train. Then I told that itself will approach and will communicate.

- And why you didn't react to the offer to go to America? Perhaps there it is better, more coolly...

- Well, where I now? I won't leave Ukraine anywhere. Yes, they promise much. But there is a mass of striking examples when athletes, leaving abroad, simply "lost" itself as athletes, were dissolved in lump. Let's say the same Italian sportswoman Tanya Kanyetto - she went to America, stayed there any time and returned back. And our well-known Yana Klochkova after the Olympic Games in Athens too went to America, in three months arrived back. And now, you see, she doesn't act.

- That is, you simply don't trust these beautiful promises?

- Certainly. There absolutely other approach to athletes and sports. The American sports and conditions of trainings very much differ from to what the athlete in Ukraine got used, for example. It is already extremely difficult for it to get used to those conditions. Well and, certainly, everything depends on the trainer. If the good trainer, maybe, gets something and will turn out. At us, for example, with we understand treat that you, for example, are sick, something hurts you, you have any problems. And there it excites nobody. You are obliged to train - and all. And if you don't carry out something - means, you violate terms of the contract.

- Means while you remain here, in Nikolaev?

sure. Here and my trainers to whom I already got used with which I train literally from the first class. They enclosed in me so much work, it is so much nerves. Trained me in everything that I now am able. And to throw them, to tell supposedly excuse, I am waited by other prospect is not really, as though, beautifully.

- And, at last, a question from private life. You have a girl?

- (Laughs) Is.

- And tell about it. Who is she, what is her name, where studies?

- Call her Nastya. Anastasia - so, maybe, even is better. She doesn't study, she works in jewelry store. She is 19 years old.

We were supported by all body

- Tell about the parents.

- Well that, ordinary parents at me. Mother works at NGZ, she is the head of department of development of information technologies.The father - the electronics engineer, works at DBMP (Dnepro - Bugsky seaport).

- When you were high on the list at the Olympic Games, there were any calls to your parents, relatives, friends? Here, for example, Olya's parents Harlan tell that hundreds times called them, congratulated, admired. How at you with it was?

- Yes, certainly. I have parents from Russia. Many acquaintances there remained. From all regions of Russia called to us home, congratulated. From Sevastopol called because I have there a brother.

- Native?

- Yes. The brother - the military. And when we had the competitions, all military unit sat, looked. With the colonel, the general. All looked, all were ill. Then all called. And even people on streets meet, congratulate.

- Learn?

- Yes.

- Tell about the hobbies. Than you are engaged in free time from sports?

- I can come into night club, but it seldom happens.

- What night clubs you prefer?

- And we have their of everything two - "Delerium" and "Illusion".

- And "Storm"?


- In "Storm" seldom I happen. I don't know. It didn't develop at me with "Storm". Generally "Delerium", because in "Delerium" friends, from the personnel.


- You love a nocturnalism?

- I won't tell that I love it. But so - happens, drops out. Still billiards very much is pleasant to me.

- And at what school you studied?

- In 43-it. From my house there three minutes of walking.

- And with school as at you it developed, considering your hobby for sports?

- Well, it was very heavy because when I studied at school, trainings were on the half-seventh morning. On the first lesson I didn't get.

- Flew for it?

- Certainly. In the beginning, when there were no such good results, to the director drove, told that so it is impossible to do. But when the first time won the European championship among juniors (it I was 2003-й year, I studied in a 9-ohm class), then already understood that everything, the first lesson "has a rest". Then I had more freedom in respect of attendance of lessons … It was still rather heavy because you come from school home after the sixth - the seventh lesson, you in a stock have two hours. In these two hours it is necessary to manage to have a rest, make all the affairs, to collect the strength. Then - training to eight. You come home where - that to nine. Generally, it was difficult.And then, when we had a release in a 11-ohm class, in 2005-ohm year, the director cried, didn't want to release.

- Olympic Games behind. What do you plan for the future?

- Now while month of rest because the strengthened trainings and participation in the Olympic Games took away many forces. Then - all over again, at the Olympic Games my sports career doesn't come to an end. I will prepare, develop the skill.

- In what competitions you plan to take part that we could be ill for you?

- First of all is the World Cup next year. I will prepare, diligent to train to show result not worse, than at the Olympic Games. In four years the following Olympic Games will take place. I will aspire to "gold" …


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