You don't want to remove damage? Not expensively … 1500 euros?

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17- summer Elena, having made in the market which - what purchases, I went home. Behind it someone called. Having looked back, she saw the woman of average years hurrying to it. Having approached, that started asking as it to reach at first Komsomolskaya Street, and then Dzerzhinsky. Lena started specifying the directions when the woman, having glanced it in eyes, told that sees damage on a family of the girl. The pier, all their troubles occur from - for money. And that it as the healer, and for the present not late can help them. For carrying out a ceremony of clarification the girl needs to descend home to take this "dirty" money, to turn in a kerchief, to sprinkle with holy water and to take out it.

Suddenly the out of breath woman ran up to them and with words: "-As it is good that I at last - that found you! ", - I started asking for help at the healer. Pier, once it already helped it. And now it in a family had again a trouble. The son got to road accident, is in a serious condition and doctors not in forces of anything to do. And only the salutary force of its prayers can rescue it.

On what the woman answered that by all means will help. Having been delighted, that pulled out the money wrapped in a scarf and stretched to "vorozhka". But it with words: "-I don't take money and at all have no right to them to touch! ", - I ordered to give them to take for the period of carrying out a ceremony to foreign person, for example Lena. Then stretched to the woman a slice of a black thread and I told to bypass round the house. She said at this time a prayer. In few minutes "unfortunate mother" returned and reported that to it it became very bad. It appeared that it prayer force started working. So through a body of the woman there is all bad that happened in a family.

As the bewitched Lena looked at the events.And when there came its turn it, trusting all events, went home, wrapped money (on pleasure of the house there was a holy water) in a kerchief, sprinkled a little water and hastened on the street. The girl also transferred money already "rescued" from troubles and misfortunes to the woman and went with a thread in hands round the house. But, when it turned out why - I didn't see that neither healers, nor women with her money.

Having a little waited, Elena understood that her deceived. In tears she called mother and on the same day asked for the help in law enforcement agencies. To swindlers the girl took out 1тыс. 500 euros.


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