In Zaporozhye close correspondence departments of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS?

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This year in Zaporozhye, as well as in all country, the new introductory system in higher education institutions debuted. Rectors declared that probably it is necessary to close correspondence departments as many wishing to arrive on such form of education didn't know that it is necessary to pass test previously. Or couldn't ask for leave at work. The same who handed over tests successfully, hardly will go to "zaochka". At the end of August introductory campaign on such offices ended. So it is already possible to sum up the results.

The number of "diaries" grew

One of the biggest sets on the budgetary places in Zaporozhye passed in "machine" - the Zaporozhye national technical university. On a full-time department 1867 people, from them 1017 on the budgetary places arrived. And here on a correspondence department of entrants was less, than last year: about 500 people.

- Frankly speaking, there were fears that correspondence students will be even less, but they didn't come true, the responsible secretary of the selection committee of ZNTU Victor Greshta admitted to us. - Though in comparison with previous year on the first course of a correspondence department 30% less students arrived.

Such specialties, as economy, finance and audit, the international relations, tourism, computer networks and systems, technology of mechanical engineering enjoyed special popularity. On these faculties competition reached 78 people on one place.

According to Victor Greshta, the question of closing of faculties wasn't brought up at all, after all they executed the state order.

Higher education institutions of Zaporozhye summed up the results of introductory campaign

At the end of August there were hearings that at the Zaporozhye national university closed faculty of the Russian philology. But they weren't confirmed, our correspondent reports.

- We create chair of the Russian philology, we unite chair of Russian and the Russian literature in one specialty, - the first vice rector of ZNU Alexander Bondar told. - Earlier the Russian literature was as a part of foreign, and we decided to strengthen and unite two big directions, even in spite of the fact that this specialty isn't presently in great demand.

In ZGIA there were new directions

In the Zaporozhye state engineering academy the number of correspondence students - only 380 people also decreased.

On a full-time department 3642 entrants arrived, from them only 302 persons will study on a contract basis, the responsible secretary of the selection committee of ZGIA Nikolay Svitanko told. - By the way, in higher education institution on - former all faculties work. Besides, at metallurgical faculty the new specialty - ecology and environmental protection and balanced nature use opened.

- Correspondence students on new system will be less, the chief of the Zaporozhye municipal government of education Dmitry Sekirinsky explained. - After all level of requirements to entrants of a full-time and correspondence department always was a miscellaneous, and in this system them try to balance. Many simply have no opportunity to leave from work to hand over necessary tests. And after all correspondence students are a fine labor base of each region.

Besides, according to Dmitry Sekirinsky, the main minus of new introductory system are too big quotas to preferential categories of the population. After all from - for a large number of exempts, children who fruitfully studied within eleven years, don't have enough budgetary places.


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