In GNA in the Nikolaev area consider: "To get paid "in envelopes" — inexcusable levity"

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Today in the Nikolaev area there are cases when the organizations and businessmen pay to the workers "a salary in envelopes". For example, only this year tax authorities of area as a result of checks established facts of use of work of 2579 not properly executed workers. To violators of the existing tax legislation 537,4 thousand UAH of a tax and penalties from them are additionally accrued arrived in the budget of 500,3 thousand hryvnias.

While the person young and healthy, he doesn't reflect on these nuances, on what salary at him - legal or "in an envelope". The main thing that the employer pays money, and for it to undersign for the sheet or it is simple to receive in an envelope - business, as they say, the tenth. Actually everything is much more difficult. Consider in GNA in the Nikolaev area.

Enlightenment comes when people retire. They can't understand - why such scanty sums of pension to them added. At a solid salary "in envelopes" the pension at them left minimum. And all because the organization where they worked, paid taxes and fees from the sums specified in the official sheet, that is from the same 400 - 600 hryvnias, here and there were kopeks.

Getting paid in an envelope, it is necessary to be ready what to be ill or be in holiday it is necessary at own expense. The employer at best will pay these days for a minimum. The same waits for the worker when receiving a production trauma.

In each region of area the working groups of specialists of structural divisions as which working off of questions of completeness of legalization of objects of the taxation by employers and payers of taxes, the analysis of activity of subjects of managing, the facts of establishment of discrepancy of the added and paid salary, its payment in foreign currency enter are created, according to two sheets and in other cases when the tax isn't accrued and doesn't keep, in registration cases on the robot of figureheads, payments of a salary are lower than the level established by the legislation.

Addresses of citizens is the main method of fight not only against salary payment in "envelopes", but also with many other offenses. Information from citizens arrives systematically. Therefore we address to all inhabitants of Nikolaev and


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