In the Ministry of Defence intend to disprove the statement "Sevastopol - the city of the Russian glory"

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In September, 2008 of the Ministry of Defence it intends to present the draft of the new feature film devoted to defense of Sevastopol in days of the Crimean war. One of main goals of a new tape - to disprove the statement "Sevastopol - the city of the Russian glory".

The cost of the project is estimated at 20 million dollars.

It was declared by Vladlen Litvinenko, the director of the Central teleradio studio of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine. According to him, one of the reasons for creation of the Ukrainian version of history about defense of Sevastopol - popularity in Ukraine of the Russian movies on military subject, for example, series "Soldiers" and "Kadetstvo".

"Under such circumstances in Ukraine the love to the Russian army, and ordinary citizens service of the Russian soldier is cultivated will soon seem more preferable, than the service of the Ukrainian general", - considers Litvinenko.

Plan to cultivate love to the Ukrainian army in the Ministry of Defence by means of the new movie about Sevastopol. "First of all, it is promotion of our historical reality. As today speak, "Sevastopol - the city of the Russian glory". But excuse, any expert in history will tell that the main heroes of the Crimean war are seamen. And from where they undertook? 99% of the ships that took part in war, were under construction in Kherson and Nikolaev. Only 6 ships for 2 years prior to this war were constructed in England. And the crew of these ships was formed where these ships were under construction. That is, heroes of this war - Ukrainians. I can tell that any distortion in the movie won't be, everything will accurately be removed on historic facts", - he declared.

Litvinenko also declared that has documents that the hero of defense of Sevastopol sailor Koshka "was born in Ukraine, and his grandfather was Cossack". "In the movie "Admiral Nakhimov" the sailor Koshka communicates in Russian, however actually it was not so - if to trust church sources, they spoke the language which is very close to modern Ukrainian", - the official noted.

According to Litvinenko, it isn't excluded that in the new movie all heroes will speak original language - admirals in Russian, sailors in Ukrainian, allies - in English and French.

Litvinenko claims that the new project can partially профинансир


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