In asphalt on Soviet "will roll up" two million budget money

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The begun reconstruction of Sovetskaya Street causes the most various feelings in citizens. Most often the question of that sounds, to a lump climbed up in the head to change quite decent asphalt on the PEDESTRIAN street when the majority of city main roads are more similar to the proving ground of tractor plant. But most of all people interests, how many money will be vbukhano in this process, from where this money undertook, whether "our" firm carries out repair, and will be created how many all this mess on the main street of Nikolaev.

We decided to readdress all these questions to the director of the department of housing and communal services Vladimir Novozhilov, and he with pleasure agreed to answer them.

- The decision was made collectively and jointly. This problem was designated on executive committee of city council, then is given in study in housing and communal services Department. And already we made offers of the constant deputy commission on improvement, they supported this idea, and I already started developing then technology.

Then the decision to involve in reconstruction of the central city street foreign, instead of the Nikolaev organizations because forces of our road builders which got used to work, well (pause) at average quality, not to make it was made … And we invited Asphalt — LTD. firm from Krivoi Rog.

This firm came to us to the city earlier, looked for volumes, but then for it there were no suitable objects.

And when we had a question with Sovetskaya Street reconstruction, I simply contacted to them and told that they came with the offer. It is a person of the city, this favourite vacation spot of tens of thousands of nikolayevets and city visitors. And it was allocated for repair Soviet from the city budget of about two million hryvnias.

- Asphalt replacement on Soviet is a first stage of works which we want to finish directly to the City Day, and the second - repair of lighting, restoration of small architectural forms, shops, ballot boxes, - I think, will be finished during one and a half - two months.

By the way, the department director, having returned at the end of conversation to a subject of a nikudyshny condition of the Nikolaev roads, I emphasized that those babies who are allocated for their routine maintenance and overhaul repairs, "don't allow to close at once all problems"

- It is necessary to concentrate means and to do repair of solid sites - you noticed, what repair to the left and to the right from Sovetskaya St. across Potemkinskaya is made? And on Dekabristov St., - there up? We should do sound repair because yamochny repair is in principle, money for a wind, however it, unfortunately, it is impossible to avoid. For example, if on a paving ten meters long there was a hole, it can be "patched" but when on it will appear the same ten poles - yamochny repair is inexpedient to do, - Vladimir Konstantinovich added.

Well, and on Sovetskaya St. today at 16.00 the krivorozhsky firm already will start laying the main covering.


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