Us "protect", and we don't know? !

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Kirovograd once again залихорадило. Citizens are concerned now not by green zones which the power unscrupulously gives for building, and destiny of own dwellings. The subject of reconstruction of houses with superstructures of additional and mansard floors already was lifted by regional mass media. We decided not to be limited to only informative giving, and to understand a situation.

Edition of "UTs" has the decision of executive committee of the Kirovograd City Council of July 17, 2008 No. 1107 to which to The Master — Carat private enterprise it is granted permission for reconstruction of a number of houses in the center of Kirovograd. We provide their complete list: Karl Marx St., 1, 1-, 4, 3/5, 5, 6/3, 6/3-, 7, 8, 9, 10, 10-and, 11/11, 11/11 к.3, 11/11 к.6, 12, 15/7, 16/9, 20, 22/5, 25/34, 23/13, 32/11, 34/32, 47/16; Pashutinskaya, 5/24, 11/16, 12, 17, 34, 36, 51-and, 53/67, 44/72; Shevchenko, 13, 15, 17/20, 21/27, 25, 26, 48, 49/26; Egorova, 4/7, 5-and, 6, 8; Volodarsky, 3, 8, 13, 14; Gogol, 91/46, 78; Gagarina,
13/8 and Kommunistichesky Avenue, 1, 1-, 4-and, 7, 9, 11, 13.

In total anything, but this list was approved not only without any coordination with residents of the listed houses, but even without their notice. And the second: the declared reconstruction, according to authors of the document, assumes a superstructure of additional and mansard floors.

Certainly, the word "reconstruction" can't but please inhabitants of houses, long ago and hopelessly needing capital repairs. We listen to promises of local government, we rejoice to actively begun repair of roofs, we expect further actions on updating of facades. But here "the superstructure of additional and mansard floors" guards and frightens. It is necessary to notice that not only us, but also inhabitants of other cities of Ukraine and neighboring countries where process of compulsory "mansardization" goes some years at full speed.

But give we will understand everything one after another. So, there is a decision of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies. The first deputy of the mayor, it is the member of executive committee, Sergey Tabalov to whom we addressed for explanations, declared that the decision was made AT MEETING and it was taken by all ispolkomovets. But we managed to find out that the document was signed by POLL. Badly...

And concerning that all supported, too the discrepancy left.For example, Andrey Raykovich assured the correspondent of "UTs" that for a long time essentially doesn't sign executive committee decision which aren't submitted for public discussion.

Besides, the town-planning council too didn't consider projects of reconstruction of houses with completions though it had to occur even before pronouncement of the draft decision at executive committee meeting. Absolutely it is no good...

What is veil if don't hide, from us city officials? Why such good intentions aren't submitted for general discussion, competent explanatory work isn't carried out? Probably, the idea of similar reconstruction could find support among the population if wasn't implemented so secretly. In a similar situation we involuntarily wait for a dirty trick that in our city happened repeatedly.

Certainly, the housing stock of the central part of the regional center needs reconstruction. Experts say that construction norms provided standard service life of the house which depend on service life of some elements of a design. For example, the heating system in the house needs replacement in 30 years. Plumbing and sanitary are calculated on 25 years of service, approximately timber floors, doors, frames and other wooden designs as much serve. Therefore complex repair with replacement of engineering communications in houses of all types it is necessary to spend each 30 years. Overlappings and non-capital walls it is recommended to change each 50 years. Remember when in your house capital repairs were carried out?

The power says that in the budget there is no money for that even to order appearance of houses, not to mention replacement of communication systems. To recent anniversary of Kirovograd by means of a subvention from the state budget it was succeeded to improve some old houses in the central part of the city, but on it all and ended. For the following anniversary decided not to wait and found investors.

In the course of writing of this material it was succeeded to find out that there are three more decisions - June! ! ! - granting same rights to the Kamlot-3000 and Budkompleks companies of rather numerous houses (too in the center! ) on Lunacharsky's streets, Decembrists, Lenin and Timiryazev. And to some addresses construction works already began. That is us for a long time "protect", but we know nothing about it.

Sergey Tabalov says that construction companies came to the Kirovograd power and offered the services. Will brush for just like that nobody the city therefore investors laid down conditions:in exchange on establishing order in houses and round them to complete additional and mansard floors with the subsequent realization of this living space. It appears, it not the precedent, similar practice it is fulfilled in the capital and in other regional centers.

Some capital journalists claim that the decision to build on a penthouse favourably both to residents, and investors, and the local authorities, obliged to carry out planned capital repairs of the yards. Investors, having built "with small losses" elite housing in the downtown, undertake to restore facades, including all balconies, to replace all windows on metalplastic, to change communications, to reconstruct entrances, to equip the yards. In a word, residents receive the updated houses with durable and beautiful roofs. The cost of such apartments in Kiev, for example, increased by one and a half times.

But this fairy tale becomes reality only if residents of the house and investors agreed amicably!

In the majority of cases people don't want to let in the house of the strangers, whatever warm and fuzzy they tried to seem. Considering the conflicts taking place on this soil, three years ago the Constitutional court of Ukraine confirmed the provision of part 2 of article 10 of the Law of Ukraine "About privatization of the state housing stock". According to an explanation of the Constitutional court, owners of apartments are co-owners of auxiliary rooms in apartment houses, including the attics used for construction of penthouses. Thus, carrying out reconstruction of such room is possible ONLY on condition of the CONSENT of ALL HIS CO-OWNERS. As practice shows, to execute it not so simply.

Here and in Kirovograd, in response to the begun works on Lunacharsky Street, already there are specific actions. The prosecutor of the city protested decisions of executive committee No. 1079 of 14.07.08, No. 963 of 23.06.08, No. 837 of 29.05.08 "About providing permission to reconstruction of houses" by which state of emergency "Kamlot-3000" is granted permission and JSC Budkompleks Construction Company to carry out reconstruction of houses down the street Lunacharsky, 1, 1-and, 3, 4, 5/3, 6/1, 7/4, 8/2, 10, 12/1, 14/2, 16, Decembrists, 8/22, 21, Timiryazeva, 56, 58, and also down the street Lenin, 16/7, 22-and with a superstructure of the third, fourth and mansard floors of administrative and inhabited appointment.The protest is taken out because by owners of apartments of the called houses isn't agreed to such reconstruction, and decisions of executive committee violate their rights guaranteed by article 41 of the Constitution of Ukraine and article 2 of the Law of Ukraine "About property".

It as for the first three decisions of executive committee. Relatively the last too there is a reaction. In edition of "UTs" reported that residents of the house No. 13/8 down the street Gagarin who too is planned "мансардировать", submitted the statement of claim to the Kirovograd district administrative court in which ask to cancel the decision of executive committee and to oblige the mayor Vladimir Puzakov "to make office investigation and to make responsible the persons guilty of preparation of documents for acceptance of an illegal decision of executive committee".

Sergey Tabalov is sure that as soon as in a planned way one house will be reconstructed, residents of all of other of listed at once will want that investors came to them. Very much even can be. But experiment with the first house could be successful only in case all provisions of the law are initially sustained. And not so it isn't enough of them.

At first it is necessary to define, whether will be able to sustain the building a superstructure. Complex examination of its technical condition, the bearing designs, bearing possibility of the bases is for this purpose conducted. If the judgment positive, it is possible to take the following step - to address to the owner of the building and to sign with it the investment contract. After that to order architecturally - a planning task for development of working documentation on re-equipment of a garret or roof replacement with a mansard floor. On the basis architecturally - a planning task it is necessary to receive specifications of connection to engineering communications. Then to submit the outline sketch of re-equipment of an attic or a penthouse superstructure on the statement градосовета. And when the concord protocol is received, development of the project begins. After coordination of the project with co-owners of the house, general contract organization, a number of managements and services the project is approved and the construction license is issued. And all this has to be carried out publicly! And it means that as a result all will be agree, it will be good and favorable to all.

Our power initially provoked the conflict.We that, can't resolve issues normally any more, in a civilized way? What secret is behind "underground" decisions of executive committee? By the way, the author of this article lives in the house which was included in the rebuilding plan with a superstructure. On the one hand, I don't want that over me there was still a floor and there someone was trampled down. With another - I want to live in the beautiful house with a cozy court yard. Convince me and my neighbors that the penthouse is the benefit for all. And differently... Certainly, not an axe with a pitchfork, but the statement of claim we will write. It to you and your investors is necessary?


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