Impunity of judges - one of the main reasons of corruption of judicial system

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In Nikolaev a press - club of reforms results of the national research "Condition of Corruption in Judicial System of Ukraine" conducted within the project "Assistance to active participation of citizens in corruption counteraction in Ukraine "Worthy Ukraine" were announced today: the judicial system of Ukraine remains corrupted, and 95% of respondents don't believe in efficiency of anti-corruption actions.

All groups of respondents almost equally perceive level of distribution of corruption in legal proceedings system. Nearly a third of lawyers and prosecutors perceive corruption as an everyday occurrence at all stages of legal proceedings. Other third of respondents indicates what pre-judicial hearing of cases is the most corrupted stage. Besides, 64% of the interrogated lawyers and prosecutors are sure that for the last year corruption level increased in judicial system.

The most part of respondents knows nothing about anti-corruption actions, 95% of respondents consider these actions inefficient.

From the reasons of corruption of judicial system most often mark out ambiguity of the legislation and impunity of judges.

The representatives of judicial system who are present at meeting a press - club, several times mentioned one of methods by means of which the government of Ukraine fights against corruption in judicial system - salary increase to judges. But results of the same poll speak about other. The high salary of judges, and in comparison with an average salary across Ukraine it even more, than high, doesn't stop them before opportunity to earn reward "from outside" for pronouncement of this or that decision.

But 21% of respondents admitted that offered remuneration for consequence turn "to the necessary course". Therefore process can already be corrupted at pre-judicial level so court accepts the decision "necessary" to someone even that without wishing.

Citizens and heads or the representatives of the enterprises having experience of the personal appeal to judicial system within the last 12 months were interrogated. Survey was conducted at the exit from establishments of local courts of the general jurisdiction of different level.

In the Nikolaev area are carried out 46


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