Russian aggressors of the Ukrainian sky

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On August 29 two tens fighters stormed "Aerosvit" office that in the center of Kiev. The reason for attack during which some people were traumatized, broke windows and doors, there was an absurd decision of district court of Kherson, in compliance with which to one of national leaders of the market of air transportation forbade to hold meetings of shareholders, and a package of one of the main owners of the company blocked.

Formal reason for lawsuits with "Aerosvit" chose the conclusion of the investment agreement in which "Aerosvit" as a guarantee for the credit of The Renaissance — the Capital Ukraine company exposed own boarding house in the Crimea. Soon "Renaissance" declared that boarding house cost is much less than investment, so "Aerosvit" obviously decided not to return the credit. Actually the solid company "Aerosvit" gathered nobody "to throw", and "Renaissance", apparently, didn't plan anything to invest. Any was necessary to it, let an artificial reason for war for the property right to "Aerosvit". And it was created.

Actually, for this purpose "Renaissance" obviously also promised to "Aerosvit" a solid investment under terminal construction at the Borispol airport. Negotiations of "Renaissance" with "Aerosvit" Grigory Gurtovoy - the head "The Renaissance - the capital Ukraine" directed. With 1998-го on 2005-й year it worked at key positions in "Aerosvit", from where went to Ukrainian "Renaissance" three years ago. And today one company with which directs Gurtova, tries to capture that which he directed earlier.

It is difficult to believe in such coincidence. Obviously, Gurtova - no more than the tool in the plan for capture by Russian "Renaissance" of successful Ukrainian businesses, but the tool osoboopasny. As Gurtova's minority shareholder is a part of the Supervisory board of airline thanks to what has access to commercial information of "Aerosvit". Such data - big help when developing the plan of capture of the enterprise.Besides, additional data to it as the head of "Renaissance" managed to catch during negotiations with "Aerosvit" on the joint investment project.

Gurtovy has an old experience of aviaraiding. In 1991-97 it held key posts in the Transaero company created by the Russian businessman Artem Tarasov. When Tarasov moved down abroad, he wrote out Gurtovoma the power of attorney with the right of company management. But the last renewed business on itself(himself) soon. Tarasov wrote about it the book.

In attack to Gurtova's "Aerosvit" plays a key role. The claim on airline the Byuro company - the owner gave less than 5% of actions of "Aerosvit". "Bureau" belongs to Gurtovom.

"The Renaissance - the capital" positions itself as one of the largest Russian investment groups which are guided by perspective emerging markets worldwide. Itself declare shortly: profound knowledge of the markets and international standard of services.

Probably, the Russian businessmen adhere to these standards in business in the countries of Africa and the Middle East. In the Ukrainian realities "the international standard of services" "Renaissance" consists in raider capture of attractive businesses. And history with "Aerosvit" - not only to that an example.

In February of last year "Renaissance Capital" was lit in raider attack to the Kiev Factory of technical papers. There are bases to assume the same authorship in attempt of capture the largest a farmpredpriyatiya of Ukraine of "Darnits", in the happened past fall.

"Corporate style" of all mentioned stories are decisions "hatsapetovskikh" of vessels of the first instance, so illegitimate, as also boundless. However with such decisions raiders attack the enterprises of which took notice.

In the history with "Aerosvit" the Komsomol district court of Kherson appears. The judge of the Istanbul who has passed the decision, was obliged to refuse claim consideration as any of subjects of a lawsuit has no relation to Kherson. And when one month later fighters from "Bureau" stormed "Aerosvit" office, to them the judicial performer of the Borispolsky region of Kiev region who has no relation neither to Kiev, nor to Kherson made campaign.

Also in this raider operation Privat group participation - the Ukrainian raider No. 1 is looked through. It is possible to assume that "The Renaissance - the capital" as the raider of the international level, coming to the foreign market, selects the best partners in raider business.In the history with "Aerosvit" on key roles the lawyer Roman Zhugan who was repeatedly shining in raider captures of "Privat" acts.

It is difficult even to assume that "Renaissance" with partners will manage to fascinate control over one of leaders of the Ukrainian aviation market. However, raider opposition as a rule is tightened for months and years. It automatically beats on image of both parties of the conflict, brakes financially - economic activity. We will notice, attempt to take control over "Aerosvit" happens against economic recovery of the Ukrainian aviabranch. The company realizes numerous investment projects and promptly develops. In view of the war launched by "Renaissance" these projects can slow down that threatens to reduce not only profits of the company, but also its million contributions to the budget. Such here "investment business" from "The Renaissance - the capital Ukraine" …

However, by it have to be disturbed not only owners of "Aerosvit", but also majestic the husband in the face of which break off the successful enterprise.


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