Yushchenko addressed to председателемя and to deputies of regional, local and regional councils

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Dear colleagues!

I address to you as to statesmen who most closer know requirements and expectations of citizens of Ukraine. You - are elected by the people and as anybody other we are familiar with a situation on places, in each our region. I know also well that you as anybody other are deeply concerned by a situation in the Verkhovna Rada.

In parliament there were events which created serious threat for a democratic choice of Ukraine. Activity of the coalition of democratic forces that conceals in itself danger of revision of all national priorities is suspended. The new parliamentary majority made decisions which conduct to change of the form of government in our country contrary to the Constitution of Ukraine and, among other things, the principles of democratic management, including management local.

Characteristic - the new majority began the work with decisions which concern powers of authority. Real needs of people again remained on a background. It - is obvious as the third year in a row parliamentarians are at war only for the power.

Boundless private ambitions - ambitions of even not political forces, and certain politicians are the main reason of the next political instability. These ambitions are skillfully used in far not the Ukrainian interests.

The problem consists not in the political unions. Problem - in decisions.

In race for power and powers known politicians went for arrangement which can lead to far-reaching negative consequences - to audit of processes of national revival of Ukraine, to substitution of economic reforms by social populism and decumulation of the budget of the country, to blasting the European foreign policy of our state.

These are antistate, anti-Ukrainian and antinational intentions.

Before us - a dangerous call. However the situation isn't hopeless.

With all responsibility for preservation of the state course of Ukraine I call you and in your person all statist forces for association despite any early and, it is sure, the short-lived unions in the Verkhovna Rada.

I ask not to give in on any provocations.

I call councils in which the democratic majority works, not to allow its disorder and to show that privately motivated acts of certain leaders can be corrected by the consolidated will of all is state - conceiving politicians and citizens of Ukraine.

I am convinced that our firm state position will make sober people who were fond of the next selective calculations, and becomes a basis for normalization of political life in the country and real work of the real national and democratic coalition", - the press - service of the head of state is told in Yushchenko's address, extended.


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