About a condition of local pharmacology

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Needs of the population of the Nikolaev area for pharmaceutical goods are provided by an extensive network of pharmaceutical institutions, and also operating in the territory of the regional center the Nikolaev pharmaceutical factory. Having walked on drugstores, it is easy to understand that production of factory remains while to the cheapest. Therefore qualitative and inexpensive it is in special demand not only in the Nikolaev area, but also beyond its limits. Ointments, tinctures of medicinal herbs, solutions of peroxide of hydrogen and ammonia, iodine and "brilliant green" is traditional, habitual medicines which will be necessary always.

Meanwhile, retail trade in pharmaceutical production in area is carried out by 72 enterprises with the right of the legal entity which network totals 317 objects, from them 193 drugstores and 124 pharmaceutical points. Besides, in area 105 pharmaceutical booths, 6 shops of optics and 1 iatrotechnics function.

More than a half of pharmaceutical institutions are concentrated in the regional center, in other cities of regional value functions from 3 - in Ochakovo to 19 - in Pervomaisk, in regions of area - from 2 - in Ochakov to 11 - in Bashtanskom.

For January - June of this year by pharmaceutical institutions of area it is realized pharmaceutical goods on 120 million UAH that exceeded last year's indicators for 6%, dressings and subjects of care of patients - on 15 million UAH 14% more), medical and orthopedic goods - on 1,4 million UAH 2,3 times more).

In a total amount of retail commodity turnover of area the share of pharmaceutical goods made 6%.

Specific weight of pharmaceutical goods which are made at the enterprises of Ukraine, makes 53%, dressings and subjects of care of patients - 65%, medical and orthopedic goods - 52%, optics - 13%.

In the first half of the year each inhabitant of the Nikolaev area on the average spent for purchase of medicines of nearly 100 UAH, last year - 79 UAH

At the enterprises of retail trade which realize pharmaceutical goods, over 2 thousand people, from which almost everything - women are occupied. Unfortunately, payment of their such important work, meanwhile remains low and on the average doesn't exceed 955 UAH a month, thus it for 43% concedes to an average monthly nominal salary of permanent members of staff of economy of area.


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