Oleg Bakhmatyuk's Nikolaev eggs

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Yesterday in All-Ukrainian the Internet - editions, and then and in our, Nikolaev, there was spread information about JSC Areal-Snegiryovka enterprise acquisition in of Snigirevk of the Nikolaev area the Kiev company "Donbassagrokompani". About the one who can stand behind this acquisition, we will try to find out now.

For a start we will list the list of those enterprises which purchase the Antimonopoly committee authorized to the Donbassagrokompani company. It entered: JSC Cross-country — P/F Zorya (page of Hrola, the Kharkov Region) which grows up and realizes young growth of a bird, PNVK "Interbusiness" (Donetsk), JSC TD Bogodukhovskaya ptitsefabrika (page of Sanzhara, the Kharkov Region), JSC Makarovsky Poultry Farm (пгт. Makarov, Kiev Region),JSC Areal-Snigiryovka (of Snigiryovk, Nikolaev Region), which make and realize table egg, and JSC Ptitsekompleks state of emergency (page of Kotelnikovoye, ARE the Crimea) which grows up and realizes young growth of a bird, grain and oil-bearing crops, and also table egg, JSC Kirovski (page. Free, Kirovograd Region), JSC Avis Agrofirm (page of Gumentsa, Hmelnitsky Region), JSC Chernovitsky Poultry Farm (page. Wal - Kuzmina, the Chernovitsky Region), JSC Chernobayevskoye SPP (page of Chernobayevk, the Kherson Region) and JSC Avangard (page of Zagvozdye, Ivano - the Frankovsky Region) which make and realize table egg.

We will tell at once that we were guarded in this list by one name. This JSC Avangard. The matter is that this enterprise in business - circles accurately associates with the West Ukrainian oligarch Oleg Bakhmatyuk. Moreover, there is an Avangard group which both belongs to it and controls three poultry farms.

Therefore we decided to check, whether this mister has relation to this transaction. We will tell at once, between "Donbassagrokompani" and Bakhmatyuk we didn't find direct link, however it was succeeded to dig out one interesting article which in the light of this event will be interesting. We provide the direct text:

"Ex-the deputy chairman of board of NAK Naftogaz Ukrainy Oleg Bakhmatyuk continues to show a keen interest in the food industry.Soon the Cherkassy Ptitseprodukt company entering its orbit will issue control over 5% of the Ukrainian market of eggs that will assign to Oleg Romanovich the status of the main egg magnate of our country.

In the egg market the repartition of spheres of influence caused by integration of the dominating player - business - groups of one of the richest people of the Western Ukraine of Oleg Bakhmatyuk proceeds. As a result of active buying up of poultry farms, Oleg Romanovich's structures received control in total almost over the sixth part of the national egg market.

Until recently as a leader of the poultry-farming direction of business of - on Bakhmatyuk was considered as Ivano - Frankovsk Avangard group. Three regional poultry farms are its part - Zagvozdyanskaya, Gorodenkovskaya and Rogatinskaya who following the results of last year, having let out about 400 million eggs, in total occupied about 3% of the domestic market. It provided to "Vanguard" the status of the producer No. 2 after the Zaporozhye group "Inter — Zaporozhye" of Vladimir Troyan, Mikhail Zhikharev, Sergey Semenyachenko and Andrey Milovanov which controls about 5% of the market.

However, participants of the market assure that real scales of "bird's" activity of Oleg Romanovich who in 2007 left gas-distributing business and concentrated on accumulation of weight in пищепроме, in practice are more large-scale. Past week these statements were officially confirmed. The antimonopoly committee authorized concentration at once nine enterprises working in poultry-farming branch, the structure close to the West Ukrainian businessman, - the Kiev JSC Cherkassy Ptitseprodukt. Soon this company becomes the official owner of the Cherkassk poultry farm of "The first of May" (as already I reported "DS", it entered an orbit of - on Bakhmatyuk last year). Besides it, "Cherkassy of Ptitseprodukt" will carry over KHP Volnovakhskaya and Volnovakhskoye poultry farm (The Donetsk Region), the Red Banner ptitsekhozyaystvo (The Lugansk Region) the Slavyane company (The Kiev Region), poultry farm and the Lozovatskoye ptitsekhozyaystvo (The Dnepropetrovsk Region), Imperovo Fudz plant (Ivano - Frankovsk) and The Southern — Holding company (ARE the Crimea). The general share of all these enterprises in the Ukrainian market of eggs, by data "DS", makes about 5%.It is curious that on their repayment at the structures close by - well to Bakhmatyuk, "Ptitseprodukt" (-the fact the company of - on Bakhmatyuk), according to "DS" sources, nearly $35 million which to it will be lent by Oleg Romanovich's bank "Financial initiative" intend to spend Cherkassy.

However, this expenditure it won't be obvious the last - in a poultry-farming holder of the businessman there was still a set of important assets, secret control over which ex-the gas magnate soon can become official. Among them - Chernovitsky and Donetsk poultry farms, hmelnitsky agrofirm "Avis", Cross-country of Zorya poultry farm (The Kharkov Region), the Uglegorsk formula-feed plant, ptitsekompleks "Kirovski" (The Kirovograd Region) and the Kherson poultry-farming enterprise "Chernobayevskoye". In total with the assets entering an orbit of "Vanguard" and "Cherkassy of Ptitseprodukt", they provide to Oleg Bakhmatyuk control almost over 15% of the market of eggs, forming business - group with an annual turnover at the level of $180 million and profit nearly $15 million a year.

Thus there are all bases to believe that in these indicators next some years can improve considerably, recognizing that now poultry-farming group of - on Bakhmatyuk actively "заклевывает" the main competitors. So, its poultry farms from last year use tactics of sale of eggs at the price below cost, a component now about 4,25 UAH for ten, and achieve market glut. It leads to losses of their competitors that goes on advantage to the West Ukrainian businessman - he has an opportunity to buy new poultry farms at the similar price and to increase the weight of own economy. And taking into account that the quantity of the eggs laid in house farms of Ukraine, decreases every year, conceding to products of industrial production, it is possible to draw a conclusion that in some years of a chicken of Oleg Bakhmatyuk become the main engine of cholesteric movement in our country. (Business capital, on July 14, 2008).

And now compare the companies from the Donbassagrokompani list and the list which is provided in article, in the penultimate paragraph. It is possible to see that they are almost identical.

Certainly, someone will tell that coincidence is simple. Can be. However we don't think that this company would agree on acquisition of assets without the knowledge of - on Bakhmatyuk.Besides, the company is not really known in Ukraine that also testifies in favor of - on Bakhmatyuk as he already got used to buy up assets of various enterprises through the unknown companies with original names.

Thus, it is possible to assume that the snigiryovsky enterprise will be controlled by Oleg Bakhmatyuk. And it in any measure is logical as structures of the West Ukrainian businessman already located in the Nikolaev market. It is a question of Financial Initiative bank and a network a retail under TM "Favourite".

It is necessary to add that all above is only the version. And soon we learn as far as it is true.


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