Tsunami-5 or: "A construction battalion on Malopodvalnaya Street"

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With Igor Smeshko's arrival to a position of the Chairman of SBU the building facade on Vladimir, 33 started changing. In conversations among themselves security officers played a trick that the military if only to build, dig and paint.

Being the typical military, i.e. stupid and resolute, the general he the major Andrey Mukhatayev built everywhere. As could and as was able. In Service of foreign intelligence with mediation of charity foundation I built the house for staff. As a result: money for fund came, and officers didn't see apartments.

After Pomaranchevy revolution I built Management of internal security. On the taste. The subpressure the brain remains also cooked up the concept of creation of WB by the linear principle which in drunk waste was signed by Igorek Drishchany. As a result: WB lost touch and control in regions and anybody for anything didn't answer.

With arrival to the city of Kharkov the general - the tankman was fond of construction in the most literal sense of this word. Having drunk a liqueur glass - the second with Kernes and Dobkin, sniffers - kokainshchik told to the recent fighter for justice and purity in KGB ranks about the construction lawlessness which is created in the city. Pier and so, companion general, help to bring an order.

The general couldn't refuse and as a result, in very short time, inquiries went from the Kharkov management of SBU to different instances after that or other objects. Generally, about thirty. Evil tongues from among foes of the fighting general claim that all inquiries prepared all steam of the oper approached to the high management, and the lawful bases for their direction weren't any. But over time both Kernes, and Dobkin suddenly for himself found out that activity "office" in a field of fight against enemies - builders decreased that is told, to plinth level. But Andryusha Mukhatayev's close relatives as - that sharply began to improve living conditions.

Regarding Mukhatayev's love to live in worthy the Ukrainian officer dwellings it is possible to tell much. Andrey Aleksandrovich lived all in some Kharkov apartments - that month - another. Probably, without having been in time at all, properly to make renovation. In Spartan, so to speak conditions.

Year 1993-й.

Mukhatayev Andrey Aleksandrovich gets at гр. Sevastyanova K.M.the three-room apartment No. 70 on Traktorostroiteley St., 152 which 04.02.1999 sells гр. Kushchinskoy S. I.

Year 1997-й.

On January 27 private notary of the Kharkov city notarial district Troshchy I.V. registers the contract on individual share of construction of a house on Chubarya St., 1 according to which Mukhatayev Andrey Aleksandrovich carries out construction of the specified house from attraction of financial resources of the Kharkov state polytechnical university in the person of the rector Kostenko Yu.T. Summa enclosed by Mukhatayev A.A. in construction of the three-room apartment No. 16 with a total area of 76,9 sq.m. makes 27 899 UAH. Thus, Mukhatayev A.A. has to fulfill on house construction not less than 30 workdays.

Year 1999-й.

01ноября the private notary of the Kharkov city notarial district A.D. Conversation registers the contract of donation by Keleberda Anatoly Nikolaevich it to the daughter Mukhatayeva Elena Anatolyevna of the one-room apartment No. 50 on Geroyev Truda St. worth 6718 UAH. The apartment is bought in October, 1998.

Year 2003-й.

JSC Zhilstroy-1 in the person of the chairman of the board Harchenko A.M. and Mukhatayeva E.A. sign the contract of individual share of the last in construction of the four-room apartment No. 16 on Chubarya St., 1, which on September 13, 2004 Mukhatayev Andrey Aleksandrovichprodayet Ivakinoy to Zhanna Georgiyevna, as three-room.

Year 2004-й.

On June 21 Mukhatayeva E.A. gets the apartment No. 22 on Lermontovskaya St., 15 with a total area of 159.6 sq.m. which 20.03.2008 sells to Kots Karina Nikolaevna for 119809 UAH

Year 2007-й.

On December 28 private notary of the Kharkov city notarial district Kosse L.M. registers the purchase and sale contract between TMM construction company in the person of the director Polotnenk A.A. and Mukhatayeva Elena Anatolyevna of the two-room apartment No. 59 on Klaptsov St., 52 worth 134394 UAH. Same apartment on March 20, 1998 Mukhatayeva E.A. for the same sum sells to the citizen Ishchenko Victoria Nikolaevna, about what свидельствует the contract of purchase and sale certified by the private notary of the Kharkov city notarial district of Ivanova O. V.

On the same day, on December 28 Mukhatayeva E.A. gets at same "TMM" in the same house the two-room apartment No. 122 for 224130 UAH

Quite recently the general Mukhatayev is appointed 1 - m the deputy chief Glavka "To" Tiberiya Durdints's SBU.Knowing Kharkov citizens claim that this appointment isn't least connected with proximity the general - the tankman not only to relatives of the Guarantor, but also to Tiberiya's relatives. In Kharkov there lives the mother-in-law of the last which living conditions, recently, also improved not without the aid of Mukhatayev.

Now, in couple tsimbor "Umka" and "Mukhozhuyev" will be able actively to undertake the operation "Tsunami" on capital buildings. Well, almost SBU construction battalion.

In general, work together with regional managers bore more than once worthy fruits to deputy chairmen of Service. The "kickback" sums, as a rule, start from one million US dollars.

So, Donetsk фирмачи claim that decrease in activity of security officers in fight against deliveries from - for a meat boundary on SEZ "Vidrodzhennya" costed to owners of the enterprise of $2 million paid to one of the high-ranking staff of SBU.

In the following publication we will tell about love of some deputy chairmen to insulin (з - д "Indar") and to oil products (JSC Ukrtatneft) which is measured by quite concrete financial dividends.

(continuation follows)
Arrest Zheltov, specially for "HORDES"


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