Nikolaev Ubepovtsa continued the patronage of the Novobugsky boarding school

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On September 9 the head of department of public service on fight against economic crimes of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area militia lieutenant colonel Vladimir Lupashchenko visited a school boarding school of Novobugsky high comprehensive school No. 10 of which some years are a patron. During V. Lupashchenko's this time constantly gives a boarding school various help, including, and material. This time to pupils handed over 25 new beds with mattresses. About it reports TsOS Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area.

V. Lupashchenko looked after a boarding school for children from needy families, being the chief of the Novobugsky District Department of Internal Affairs since, unfortunately, the majority of offenses is made by children from socially unprotected segments of the population. Therefore was decided to help pupils of a boarding school that they didn't feel like the disadvantaged that lived in the conditions which are most approached to house comfort. Staff of the Novobugsky District Department of Internal Affairs led with children many discussions about inadmissibility of offenses; explained to them that the they will be better to study, the better at them will be died. The most diligent pupils and the most disciplined school students encouraged with gifts. And it yielded results: children became better to study, and none of them weren't noticed in begging, small thefts or any similar offenses." When I went to civil service on fight against economic crimes, I couldn't leave these children any more. I and all my division we try in process of forces on - former to improve their life. For example, today we presented them 25 beds with mattresses because on what they fell down earlier, it is possible to call beds with a big stretch", - V. Lupashchenko told.

The director of a boarding school Nadezhda Leonova noted that this help is extremely important for educational institution as they are given that is necessary for children.In particular, according to her, they received furniture, household appliances (including, a boiler and the vacuum cleaner), ware, bed linen and other household items.

According to the head of Novobugsky regional council Valentina Terziyeva, the boarding school receives financing from the budget, but it, of course, it isn't enough. "And Vladimir Nikolaevich always brings in what the educational institution is in great need. Would be such people, not indifferent to a grief and problems of children more! Certainly, all can't be rescued but if those 25 people who study today in a boarding school, grow up normal people, it can be considered as a great achievement! ", - she noted.


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