The man came into others house to celebrate need and "signed" to the owner a penalty before regional power UAH in 66 thousand

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In Nikolaev the business owner accused of violation of the rules of using electric energy allegedly from - for establishments in the device counter for decrease in indications. Concerning it the Statement of violation was drawn up on January 26, 2010. However, the businessman learned about this document from foreign persons on June 10, is reported on a site

In August, 2010 upon drawing up the Act concerning it the minutes of the commission of branch of JSC EK "Nikolayevoblenergo" according to which from the businessman collected 67 thousand 393 UAH 16 kopeks as not counted electric power were made. To commission meeting the woman didn't invite, and the businessman knew of the fact of her carrying out incidentally from foreign persons.

The woman doesn't agree with an essence of the violations incriminated to it stated in the Act, and also that so far, after carrying out examination the electric meter isn't returned to it. In this regard the businessman expressed desire to appeal against actions and the documents made by JSC EK Nikolayevoblenergo.

As it became clear during consideration of the case, the businessman didn't know about the Act only because the penalty was "signed" by mistake by the man who came into the room belonging to it to descend in a toilet.

In explanatory the man told that that day he has a good time with the former schoolmate. And when came back home, passing by the room which belongs to the businessman, "because of drunk with the friend in a significant amount of alcoholic drinks" it was compelled to ask to descend in a toilet.

"At an exit from a toilet, being under impression of memoirs which have again gushed in my heart about wonderfully spent time, during passing by any men, with a furious look on the face, standing in close proximity to a toilet, the last stopped me and started setting not logical, in my opinion, and not pertinent questions according to a situation", - were told by the man.

These people asked it to call the surname. Then the man thought that one of them is a jealous spouse of the schoolmate. But the unknown demanded from him to put the signature under any document.

"I made the decision under no circumstances not to provide to any information concerning my romantic relations with the schoolmate to the person who most likely is engaged in investigation of change of the second half. As I refused to put the signature under the document, the person stated above at me brought any words at the end of the document, having announced their contents "refusal about the signature", - the man told.

Only next day he knew from unknown persons that this person is the employee of the Nikolayevoblenergo enterprise.

Here so sometimes happens - the unknown man comes пописять into others house and signs the document regional power, from - for which then to the owner of the room write out a penalty in 66 thousand hryvnias.


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