Zarobitchane: from a bag and from prison …

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They - reflection of an unattractive picture of life of the countries. They are the real competitors of locals who are taking away workplaces and hope for growth of a salary from those who in the birthplace has the right to count on it. They which have illegally got on the territory of the European Union in search of earnings - it is frequent, to local measures, insignificant, but capable to support the family which has remained in the homeland, - are deprived of the elementary rights. They - not invisible beings. So there is a lot of them what not to notice them it is impossible. But local authorities not in forces to carry out in relation to them the main principle - the law and an order.

"Guest worker" - this word incorrectly is frequent use in relation to migrants, illegally got - shy into others country on earnings. Meanwhile, "the worker - the guest" (this word is quite so translated from German) was the guest invited, lawful and long-awaited. At the end of 40-x years of the last century in the Western Germany quickly being restored after a crushing defeat catastrophically didn't suffice working hands. For this reason at the level of the government the decision to invite a certain number of low-skilled workers from Turkey, concordants for a scanty payment to take out garbage, to rake ruins, revenges of the street, at last also was made. The first guest workers met with orchestras and flowers. On problems reflected not at once. Then it was difficult to present that in the large German cities there will be whole Turkish quarters with the way of a life which isn't so similar to immemorial German of Ordnung, with its purity, a cosiness and law-abidingness.

Guest workers are not about them

At the end of 90-x Europe the new wave of migrants overflowed. Them don't call, don't wait, don't ask. However they get, filter, creep. Through the smallest cracks. At the first opportunity. The majority of them - our compatriots.Or rather, we are natives of one country, the USSR, and nowadays citizens of the different states - Russia, Ukraine, Moldova etc. Thus all of us - the. And how to us not to understand each other?

Statsyone Chentrale - the Central station of Milan. To the right of a main entrance the most real second-hand market - the black market. Native our southern русско - the Ukrainian aunts with all put external attributes: chemical wave, inconceivable brightness lipstick, сикось - накось, blindly induced (it is necessary to smarten up hastily in a gate), painted scarfs on shoulders - trade who than can. Here and blocks allegedly in ten are cheaper than firm cigarettes of times, than in official tobacco booths, both vodka, and any economic trifles. On announcement columns on Russian, Ukrainian, Albanian, Romanian and many others, unknown to locals languages. "I look for spending the night. Man. It is no more than three people in the room". "Petro! I wait for you here every Wednesday at o'clock in the afternoon. There is a work. Lead". I "sell", "I invite fellow travelers... "

Here regularly carabineers, but a look at them otsutstvuyushche - missing, as at blind visit. They as if don't see that bred at them near by. It is necessary to assume that authorities - too people. And these people are lured by dealers in smuggling. In this regard Italy - the fertile country. Here still as - that it is possible "to agree" that those who grew up on spaces of the former USSR masterly are able.

The train in Malpens's Milan airport. Two plain zhenshchinka, extremely uneasy. It is visible that on - Italian words don't understand. And very much are anxious, it is as though correct to reach, not to be late and not to get lost. In a whisper exchange words. The native speech is heard. With delight respond to the offer to help. Literally nestle close all shivering souls. And here still such luck: we fly one flight! "Aeroflot": Milan - Moscow. Them in general - that then to Kiev. And from there - in Zaporozhye. Home. 3 years weren't. Missed. On the surprised exclamation about so long stay out of the homeland are rumpled: "Worked". (Three years worked in others country, without knowing its language, is it is noted by me on the machine gun but to ask scared and uneasy fellow travelers as - that is inconvenient. )

At border control excitement them reaches the highest point. "Wait a moment! Don't leave! " - they beg us. Honestly - our help was necessary. The frontier guard with surprise examines their tourist visas issued more than three years ago for a period of 5 days.

- What did he tell? What did he tell? - poor women vibrate.

- I told that the pyyuter brings your data in whom that now visas to the Schengen countries don't shine you.

- On deportation put? Won't detain? - with hope ask "tourists".

- No! Speaks, happy journey home, signori!

- Gratsiye! Gratsiye! - travelers quite happy with such outcome of the case thank.

After border crossing their alarm as a hand removes, the stiffness disappears. They are ready to share the endured. Both have the higher Soviet education. One - the former accountant, another - the engineer. Worked at plant. The plant was closed. Husbands запьянствовали from the fallen-down adversities. It was necessary to move on earnings. Received visas. Arrived. Workplaces already were, they flied on change by the acquaintance, at those passports came to an end, as at them now. Worked in families: prepared, were cleaned. How 3 years did without language? And perfectly managed! Why he gave up, this language? They that - a borsch without it won't weld? Floors won't wash? Hostesses were happy. Cried when said goodbye.

- But you never will be able to return now to Italy! - fondly I regret.

- Oh! Well it is direct! Never! - my new friends laugh. - Yes easily! To replace a surname and to make the new passport - all делов.

Honestly! You will think! You will pay in a passport office which - to whom, fast you will change a surname, fly to yourself, work for health.

It is necessary to tell, Italy - paradise for illegal migrants. The authorities seek to avoid rise in crime and to legalize the income for the purpose of the taxation. In this regard in the country regularly appears so-called sanatorium - cleaning for illegal immigrants. During the period sanatoria any foreigner working without residence permit, can be in квестуру with the passport and confirmation of the employer that it really works for him, and to file documents for obtaining permission to stay and work in Italy. But it everything is good for what passports aren't expired and whose owners agree to admit that behaved at illegal labor. However, wishing there is a huge number - turns in квестуру during the period occupy sanatoria since night.

To natives of the Soviet Union in Italy the relation good. We got used to speak about ourselves as about the people lazy. However those Italians with whom it was necessary to communicate on this subject, hold the opposite opinion.

Educated, well-mannered, clean, hard-working - it is pleasant to hear such comments on the.

The gardener Silvio Fraquelli (in Italy it is a profession dear, it is similar to the designer) told how once when it worked in a garden, the Albanian approached to it (the Albanian migrants - disaster of Italy) and asked 5 euros supposedly there is a wish to eat very much. Silvio offered: "I will give you 10, but you have to earn this money: transfer the cut-off branches to one heap". Asking I refused. "And here Ukrainians would grasp at such offer! " - I noticed Silvio. It was pleasant to hear!

Berlin. As to take it and as in it to remain

Certainly, calculations such weren't conducted as they in fact are impracticable. But on feeling, most of all illegal immigrants from the CIS lives in Germany. In Berlin, so popular and fashionable now to the world capital, you hear the Russian speech everywhere. As - that for the sake of experiment I stopped on Kurfyurstendam (the central street of the Western Berlin, is similar to the Parisian Champs Elysée) and loudly said on - Russian: "People, help, I got lost! " Russian-speaking passersby immediately responded. The same on well-known Unter ден Linden in East Berlin. Urgent detection of compatriots in Berlin - a task simple. And here to understand as far as the capital of Germany is flooded by our illegal immigrants, it is necessary to live in it any time. And then surely among your new acquaintances there will be representatives of a tribe of invisible men …

Marine - the thirty-year-old woman from the Crimea. It has houses the six-year-old son, mother, the father, the sister with the husband and the little daughter. All these six - her closest people - entirely depend on its earnings. Deal such: the father drinks, mother strongly is ill: I worked hard, and recently I handed over, old I became, 55 years - not a joke. (The marine seriously pronounces wild things for Europeans that 55 years - old age. But exhausted as work and the heavy life, drinking husbands and an eternal lack of money of the woman indeed feel to this age an old age and a hopelessness. ) The sister trades in the market in cheap belongings, has from it such грошики that you won't support a cat. After the birth of the son Marín I understood that anybody, except her, can't help her family. The girlfriend regularly went on earnings to Germany. Marina decided also. The first time was lucky: visa, tourist bus. In Berlin owners already waited. Lodged her in a semibasement room of their own house. It had even the toilet and a shower! To it the breakfast relied:coffee with milk, a roll, a dinner (she also prepared). Money to it didn't pay. Maintaining in the house purity and cooking owners food, Marina fulfilled housing. It needed two days off - Wednesday and Sunday. Besides, from 16.00 it was free. All the free time she earned money. Also it was happy infinately: not all manage to settle so, that with housing, that one in the room to eat at owners and that owners were quite kind and even sympathizing. Well who still, except our people who from time immemorial are famous for ability to undergo and low claims, would agree on work without payment! "Patience the amazing people", are still when Nekrasov told. And we continue to amaze.

"for money" Marín compatriots helped to find work. Mutual assistance - the main way of a survival. Without the principle "you - me, I - you" simply won't keep afloat. The marine, besides, quickly mastered language. Without work I didn't remain. I transferred money to a family regularly, besides "on the channels". And not only money. Employers with pleasure got rid of the second-hand articles: clothes, footwear, house utensils which with pleasure I accepted in Marín's gift. All this good was regularly delivered native. Those partially used gifts of Germany for themselves, partially sold.

Everything went perfectly. But through any time Marina felt gnawing melancholy for the son. I suffered, how many I could. Then the dream was gone, began to torment nightmares. Impossibility

to see the child literally I dried up it. It turned black the person, lost 10 kilograms, tears involuntarily welled up unexpectedly.

Compassionate owners didn't sustain sufferings of the worker whom were more than are happy. Suggested to go home, to have a rest. It is easy to tell - "to go". But with the expired visa you won't receive the new for ever and ever.

- Anything, - owners told, is a business reparable.

The marine came back home. I took pleasure in family pleasures. I calmed down. Once again I understood that changed in the homeland of nothing also anybody to them isn't going to help - neither god, nor the tsar and the hero. It was necessary to come back. Now illegally. Also there was it so.

European Union. In the game "Weak Link" lose strong

Now and Germans understand that in a temper created something not that. Quick Naprinimali to the prospering Europe not absolutely "that".Certainly, at the beginning of 90-x, on an euphoria wave, there was a wish to conclude quickly in strong democratic embraces as much as possible victims of a socialist mode. All it seemed simply: the small proud countries fought, achieved, beat off from the power of Moscow... So let at them will set in!. But, as well as it is necessary under history laws, soon earned the rule "have it coming".

With a smile former hopes of civilized Germans that new members of the European community into the account of "times" will begin as trained hares, orderly to drum in the new drums given out to them are perceived. So doesn't happen. Too diverse menagerie gathered under one roof.

Well Poles can't refuse the earnings, whatever illegal it was considered. They - such. Both any Germany and France to them not decree. They proud and independent. Thanks to what through Poland to Germany (and from there and to other countries of Schengen) there is a regular inexhaustible inflow of illegal labor.

The scheme is simple and humane: "in the evening money and right there chairs". On the Ukrainian - you give to the Polish border the called sum (currently it is about 1300 euros for everything about everything). You thrust into the long-range truck, on a distant shelf, push boxes with goods. There is nothing to be afraid. You not alone. Nearby surely it will appear a little wishing to inhale air of free Europe. Outside too no hostile whirlwinds blow: everything is paid from both parties. 15 minutes - also are ready business. Then to you will allow to go in the same truck. Any more as the frozen pork carcass or other inanimate goods, and on - human. Now conveniently: Poland became the Schengen country.

And here Marín it was necessary more heavy. - that it got into Poland in the above described way. But between Poland and Germany still there were borders with are incorruptible ми the German frontier guards, be they are wrong. And here it was necessary to affect according to the scheme offered by Marinin by owners, terribly interested in free qualitative labor, and therefore too ready violation of the law (well one разик, a little, only for itself). The owner - the German freely drove to Poland by the car. With itself(himself) it took the passport of the spouse, a blonde wig, a bright ladies' sweater, a set of cosmetics and a pet - the handsome - the St. Bernard who has been set in on a back seat of a car. Having met Marina in an agreed place, it handed over her all female personal belongings, including the passport of the wife.In a roadside Polish toilet there was a wonderful transformation of the Ukrainian brunette into the German blonde. Marín almost couldn't distinguish from a photo on the passport of the hostess: the same hairdress, the same sweater, the same shadows on centuries and a lipstick shade. The main thing that the frontier guard from the German party didn't start talking to Frau: at least the pronounced Ukrainian accent at the thoroughbred German could seem to the strange. But the dog - that was taken on business not incidentally. On check point before the delivery of passports to frontier guards the owner silently ordered to the shaggy friend: "Voice! " - and that began to roar and couldn't stop according to the full program. The attention of defenders of boundaries was abstract, they began to be surprised joyfully to the sizes and force of sounds made by a dog. In passports looked for a moment, откозыряли: Welcome home! "

From a bag and from prison …

More than a year was lived by Marina quite safely. It even had a friend - the compatriot. Life was adjusted. The melancholy was reduced. And here they together got to a round-up. In general - that verification of documents in Germany - an improbable rarity. I never had to observe habitual for us, Muscovites, a picture of clarification of the identity of casual city passersby on streets of the German cities. However, as it appeared, there is the special department revealing illegal migrants. His workers, obviously, possess special intuition and sight, suspects are able to allocate in crowd on one it to clear signs. By the way, "suspects", in turn, are able to see those who on them hunts, and in time to be washed away. But Marín with the friend it wasn't lucky. Weren't in time. Also they got to prison.

- In prison it was good! - with pleasure Marina remembers. She had never a rest in health resorts of the native Crimea, but the Berlin prison steadily compares to sanatorium. Honestly - why isn't present? Fed nourishingly and tasty three times a day. For breakfast in addition surely fruit: bananas, oranges or apples. For dinner by all means meat dish. In the camera it is pure. To take a shower - there are no problems. Sleep, how many you want. Aren't rude, don't humiliate. The marine well ate and slept off. Besides I was glad to the forthcoming deportation is guaranteed a meeting with the son and native.

To jailers said goodbye touchingly. "The fastest return! - those joked. - And that we without work will remain! " "It will be executed", - detainees promised.

She got used to live, without thinking. The child grew up. From the baby I turned into the first grader. Knows mother according to photos.But loves it and waits. Mother - the wet nurse. She earns money. That at them at all wasn't worse, than at people. And even better.

The marine plans to marry. Hesitates only: on - to the present to leave or it is fictitious. It is necessary to pay for fictitious marriage. And there is a lot of. But to anybody has to nothing. I endured 3 years, I received constant residence permit - and to myself madam. But it is possible and for to leave free of charge. Type - on love. But here already relations, nerves. Losses to health, more shortly. Here she while thinks. But Berlin won't leave. It got accustomed here. It and its city too. However her many girlfriends moved recently to Moscow: it is simpler to see the at the visa-free relations. And pay in Moscow better. However, with servants in Russia don't stand on ceremony, but and now it is more than opportunities, than in the West.

Russians among illegal immigrants to me didn't meet. Inhabitants of the Russian province have the stick - a lifesaver - the capital of Moscow, where all native: both language, and mentality, and scope of soul. Inhabitants of the former suburban sisters - the republics of the USSR constantly should make a choice, where to move in search of earnings. And it is unconditional, the cities recognized by illegal immigrants by "promised land", acquiring gratuitous labor, receive in addition rise in crime, insanitary conditions and it is a lot of other collateral gifts.

Real flower

I go by a taxi to the Berlin airport Shyonefeld.

- On what flight we hurry? - the taxi driver asks.

- "Aeroflot". Berlin - Moscow.

- Spasib - пажалюста - сдрафуйте - excuse - dasfidanye! - it is boastful the driver gives out the achievements in Russian.

- About! You well speak on - Russian! - politely I admire.

The driver blossoms.

- I have the Russian girl! From Karkov!

- And - and - and! Kharkov, - I guess. - Then she is the Ukrainian girl.

- Yes, Ukrainian, I won't get used in any way. This treasure! Real flower! Real. I had a wife - the German. This is the sergeant in a skirt. Always shouts, always in a stress. It is always dissatisfied. We divorced. I couldn't look year at women. Yet I didn't meet Natasha. About! It unusual. Kind. Darling.

- Soon wedding? - it is necessary to take an interest.

My driver turns sour.

- No! We can't! It here informally. You understand? I help it. She lives at me, but works, works. A lot of money is necessary for it, her family doesn't have anything, absolutely poor. But we can't get married here. Without documents.

- You though got acquainted with a family, - I try to hint. - And that suddenly and this will appear not a flower? As then.

- No! You don't know! It is a flower! - the poor gawk starts vibrating sentimentally. - I will give it money. It will go to herself. Will make documents. I will arrive, and we will get married. But not now. It has a work, it is a lot of work.

That! Let rejoices while. Perhaps as an exception "flower" indeed got to it. Though I met such "flowers".

My familiar "flowers" have in the homeland children and even husbands. But the local guys fallen in love with them about it don't know. It doesn't concern them. Girls have such business. Not all like to work with cleaners. Not all pulls in the prostitute. There is a good and safe profession - a soderzhanka. Special good luck is considered if you settle in soderzhanka at once three - four men, each of which is sure that it for you only. Love of all life. And that you are the poor girl - a truzhenitsa with whom it is necessary many and to work for foreign people diligently. Local men have, as a rule, kind hearts, they respond to caress with caress. Also seek to help, than can. So manage to turn between only, and you will be quite provided. Both you will lift the child, and you won't give an abyss to the husband.

Happens, of course, on - to everyone. Happens, there is a strong attachment, and "flower" makes a choice for the German friend. Tears admits that there is an unfortunate child in the homeland. It here frightens nobody. Also there is then a registration of marriage and stay legalization. But here you won't work as a soderzhanka! And for whom it not a profession, and calling, simply don't take out monotony of matrimonial life. So "flowers" turn into a nettle. But why to grieve heart in love?

- Be happy! - I wish. - And all - - is more careful!

- Ah! - thoughtlessly the lucky person waves away.

"Borders smell as corpses", - the poet Khlebnikov wrote once.

Corpses - yes. And still - money. And still lie, fraud, theft.

But it is better to close eyes. And to pretend to be that everywhere an order. Also there are only separately taken, easily removable failures in system …


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