Inflation ate all types of savings of Ukrainians

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Last month was given for attentive to the money of Ukrainians the interesting. On the one hand, banks increased rates on deposits to unknown 18-20% per annum in hryvnia. With another - inflation surpassed all expectations and in April made 3,1% (since the beginning of year - 13,1%).

On it not absolutely pleasant background for investors we, as promised, we continue our special project "An investment portfolio "Today". We will remind: at the beginning of April there was the first release of an investment portfolio. Then we enclosed on 5000 UAH in 10 instruments of enhancement of means most popular among the population (cash under a pillow and deposits in bank in the main currencies, a contribution in the credit union, the deposit in gold and investment funds) and undertook to trace monthly its profitability adjusted for a rate of inflation and to give advice to our readers where it is better to invest money.

DOWN WITH CASH! Our cash of 5000 hryvnias in April grew thin exactly for a rate of inflation, and dollars and euro due to strengthening of hryvnia and the same inflation - and it is more than that. And it besides that in the international market the ratio dollar/euro was rather stable.

Bankers consider that bright future of hryvnia depends on the budgetary policy and NBU which is compelled to constrain today inflation. These factors strengthened hryvnia and made our salaries nominated in dollars, it is less in a hryvnia equivalent." If the government continues to increase volumes of the remains on the accounts out of a banking system, the hryvnia exchange rate will be is at present level, - the director of treasury of Hreshchatik bank Alexey Kozyrev assumes. - Further it is impossible to exclude that at too big budgetary payments the hryvnia exchange rate can return to former level - 5,03 - 5,05 hryvnias for dollar". According to the banker, soon a course the hryvnia/dollar will fluctuate within a corridor 4,7 - 4,9 UAH/dollar (this course sets today National Bank), and euro will be attached to this ratio through quite stable course dollar/euro in the international markets. That is the course hryvnia/euro will move in a corridor 7,3 - 7,6 UAH/euro without serious losses for those who keeps savings in euro.

DEPOSITS ON THE HORSE.To compensate losses of cash from pressure of inflation and change of exchange rates in any measure bank deposits can. Proves it our portfolio in which following the results of April average losses on them appeared in about 1,5 times less losses from storage of money in a cash form. And it at those modest rates, under which we at the beginning of a year "placed" our portfolio deposits (16% in hryvnia, 12% - in dollars, 10% - in euro)...

And today on deposits it is already possible to earn more. In the last few months banks, lacking for money for delivery of the credits, started increasing rates on all currencies. So, today easily it is possible to see how large banks accept deposits under 15-17% in hryvnia, and small - even under 19-20% (before 13-14% and 16-17% respectively). On currency average rates grew from 10-11% to 12-13% on deposits in dollars and with 9,5-10 to 10,5-11,5% - in euro. Our experts - Dmitry Myasnikov, the partner of the Capita company specializing on consulting in the field of personal finance, and the vice-president of board "Rodovid Banka" Alexander Sobolev - are sure: in the closest month of a rate on bank deposits can grow still on the average by 1-2% on hryvnia deposits and 1% on deposits in currency.

Not standard. The contribution in the credit union appears the best investment already for the second time. Competing with banks in attraction of financial resources of the population, the credit unions are compelled to establish the maximum rates on deposits - at the level of 20-30% per annum. For our investment portfolio we chose the credit union which the first year works not and offers not strongly overestimated 22% per annum in hryvnia. Though today it is possible to find rates above, to 30%, but with such financial establishments it is worth being careful.

By the way, on a wave of growth of bank percent the credit unions didn't increase the rates - they and are so enough high. "And in the closest months of a rate neither grow, nor won't fall", - the chairman of the board of KS "Ukrainian Financial Union" Igor Sedletsky told "Today".

Unprofitable while a contribution to gold (for contribution placement in this metal we bought an ingot and placed it on the deposit in large bank under 5% per annum). Whoever and that spoke about appeal of investments in this metal, it yet doesn't justify our hopes - the second month in a row gold yields us losses, and in April it is losses record for our portfolio. But the situation will change already soon. "Gold will rise in price, - the vice-president of board of Finance and Credit bank Igor Lvov is sure.- A month ago it already "punched" level of $1100 for ounce, and by the end of the year the price will be not lower than $1000. The ascending tendency is already noticeable".

MUTUAL FUND... OH - OH - OH!The record 60-80% per annum which have shown in last year investment funds from - for world financial crisis graze now the back. From the very beginning of a year open-end and interval funds (from opened the invested money can be taken away at any time, from the interval - in established at fund creation the periods, but at least 1 time a year) started showing small losses, and in April set up a peculiar record. So, unprofitability of separate funds since the beginning of year made from 3 to 10% and above though there were rare funds to which April managed to be finished with plus. The open-end fund chosen by us with the balanced strategy in April showed a loss in 2% (since the beginning of year - 5%), interval - about 4% (7%).

Prospects at funds too the soft. The majority of the experts interrogated "Today" assumed that in 2 - m quarter they hardly "leave in plus", and following the results of a year their profit will be at the level of 10-30%. "This quarter mutual funds hardly will manage to make something, - Alexey Kozyrev considers. - And here since third and fourth quarters their profitability can start growing. And, most likely, funds will be stratified - one will work is unprofitable further, others quickly enough will start showing profit". That is today it is necessary to invest money in investment funds very carefully or you shouldn't put at all. "A situation in the investment market now not absolutely attractive, probably further falling of the PFTS index, - Dmitry Myasnikov assumes. - It is worth waiting a little, having placed thus means on deposits in dollar and hryvnia. It will be possible to buy when the market will quicken".

OUR CONCLUSIONS.You see - April from - for high inflation it appeared month of losses. Our portfolio taking into account inflation in total in a month grew thin for 5%, and since the beginning of year - on 1/8! But it not an occasion not to invest money at all, after all storage of cash under a mattress appeared practically the most unprofitable investments option (on the first place on losses - gold). In any case, percent on deposits in banks and the credit unions at least in any measure compensate inflation that can't be told about steadily "thawing" on


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