"Gazprom": Since 2011 Ukraine will buy gas at the European prices

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JSC Gazprom assumes that gas prices, imported by Ukraine, will come nearer to European to 2011-2012gg. Such opinion was expressed by the first deputy head of the department of Gazprom on marketing, processing and sale Alexey Mikheyev.

It reminded that at the beginning of 2008 Ukraine bought gas through intermediaries in the prices which are already close to the European. For the period 2005-2006gg. the price of the Russian gas for this country grew by 4,6 times.

In February, 2008 Russia, and also Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, having discussed questions of purchases it is central - Asian gas, declared that in the short term the prices of the Central Asian gas become almost identical with gas prices Russian. At their formation the European price will be considered also, change of price parameters concerning Ukraine is explained by it.

A. Mikheyev noticed that the period from 2009 to 2010 becomes in this regard transitional. "We confirm that the transition period has to be", - he told, having added that finally the prices for Ukraine will be made even to the European. It didn't begin to concretize a condition of supply of gas for Ukraine in a transition period (2009-2011gg. ) having noted that negotiations on this question "are conducted constantly".

Earlier Gazprom reported that buys gas in 2008 in all countries of Central and Central Asia on comparable conditions. (About 50 billion cubic meters annually) the gas holding buys the greatest volumes from Turkmenistan and will redirect to Ukraine. In the first half of the year 2008 Gazprom buys the Turkmen gas on 130 dollars for 1 thousand CBM, in the second half of the year - on 150 dollars. At the end of 2007 Gazprom settled new terms of purchase of natural gas in 2008 at Uzbekistan, but the price of the party didn't call (in 2007 the holding bought the Uzbek gas on 100 dollars for 1 thousand CBM).

Average gas price for Europe, by Gazprom estimates, at the end of 2007, to the middle of 2008 will make 354 dollars for 1 thousand CBM; according to forecasts of experts of Morgan Stanley, this indicator will make 360 dollars. The increase in purchase prices at the Central Asian raw materials to the European level can affect the gas prices, first of all, for Ukraine, which in 2008.receives the Central Asian gas through Gazprom on 179,5 dollars for 1 thousand CBM

The Russian holding and NAK Naftogaz Ukrainy already agreed to continue negotiations under the terms of supply of gas to Ukraine in 2009 and in the next years taking into account a developing environment of purchase prices is central - and the Central Asian gas.


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